Picture of Hardshell Gourd Luminary
Hello! I am excited to present my first instructable, the Gourd Luminary!  To make one of these, you will need the following:

One hardshell gourd
Electric saw
20 ga. beading wire
C7 light cord
Hole saw
Wood glue
A little imagination!

Wood stain or paint

Step 1: Step One: Gourd Selection and Preparation

Picture of Step One: Gourd Selection and Preparation
Choose a firm, heavy-feeling gourd to work with. If the shell is too thin, the gourd is likely to crack as you work with it. If the gourd is dirty and/or still has the outer cuticle attached to it, wash it in hot soapy water. A steel pot scrubber will help remove dirt and debris. Allow the gourd to dry.
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