Step 8: Putting It All Together

I just used a wooden board that I had lying around to pair with this set. At the beginning I was hoping to have the board be made of hardware as well, but I didn't have  any inspiration about how that would work. I thought about expanded sheet, but I don't really see how that would work well.

Since the bases of all the pieces are steel, you could make a board that had a magnet under each square and have it be a magnetic set if you wanted to.  64 magnets is a lot, though!

Have fun!

If you need help in setting up the board and learning the moves, consider this instructable:


You did great but some of your pieces don't tickle my fancy. So to fix that I'll build one myself! :D
<p>I wish you great success! If it's not too much trouble, I'd love to see pictures of the pieces you create.</p>
Glad you liked it!
Thanks for reminding me why I LOVE this site! :-)
Fantastic instructible!<br>Awesome that you include some of the history of chess and what makes an excellent chess set. I applaud the fact that you stuck with the no-glue, no-paint.<br>Um, and did you for real lose your glasses going over a waterfall?
yup, really did lose my glasses going over a waterfall, without even a barrel!
<p>sweeetttt!!!!! I am totaly doing that</p>
<p>Excellent! Hope you have fun!</p>
To bad i dont have the tools for the peices
The only tool you need is a hacksaw, that are very cheaply available.
<p>Excellent! Hope you have fun!</p>
<p>This is absolutely the coolest! I've been searching for days for a simple CAM chess set that my local machine shop could help me with, as I wanted it out of metal rod, but today I ran across this! I'm so incredibly impressed! Awesome project for me and my boys this weekend!</p>
Good to hear it! Have fun! It will take a while to get all the parts, so if your boys are very young, they may get bored during the material acquisition... Or they might really get into the imaginative fun.
that's awesome! an idea for a chess board would be thin aluminum or steel diamond plate with plexiglass on the surface. paint black squares on the plexiglass and lay it painted side down on the diamond plate so the paint can't be scratched by the chess pieces. I like you're idea of magnets but wondered if the pieces would try to move to each other on the board?? great job!
One easy way to avoid the pieces attracting each other is to make sure that the magnets are all oriented the same way (north up or south up).
Such a cool idea. The queen is my favorite. Very creative.
<p>Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked the queen. I was particularly happy with how the queen turned out, using the captured lock washer.</p>
From one hardware-chess-set-making-guy to another, nice job man! Did you do anything to the undersides of the pieces to keep them from scratching up the board, or was that not an issue with the wood board you're using?
it was really not an issue with the wood board; and the painted squares were already a bit scuffed, so I wouldn't know if they did scratch it. <br> <br>Thanks for the compliment!
Ahh, see, mine has a plexiglass surface, so scratches would have been *brutal*.<br><br>Cheers!
This was a fantastic instructable and will make the perfect gift for my fiance. Do you have an approximate price range for all the pieces? What dimensions did you use for the chess board? I was thinking of trying a couple rectangular pieces of sheet metal and some hinges to hold it together. It would certainly look industrial, but I'm not sure if the hinges would interfere with game play. Thanks for this awesome project :]
The price for all the pieces will vary wildly depending upon where you get the pieces from, and what quantities they are available in. I'm pretty sure I spent around 30$, but that was a few years ago.<br><br>The board I used was just one I had around, and I think the squares were about 1.5 inches on each side. however, I think 1 inch sides would work well for these pieces; the board I had was a little big I think. <br><br>The biggest problems for the hinges would be:<br>1) how are you attaching them to the sheet metal? <br>2) how will you keep the board flat when it is open, instead of having a &quot;peak&quot; in the middle due to the hinge attachment pieces?<br><br>In general, the hinge itself in the middle of the board shouldn't be a problem, there are tons of folding chess board/boxes that all have hinges that are visible on the board.
I know this is an old comment, but I was looking around and realized there was something I had not recommended that I should have: instead of hardware hinges, a tape hinge, even with aluminum foil tape, would probably work well for the two sheet metal halves.
Well done!!!
that looks beautiful<br><br>would a small hook look better for the knight?<br><br>thanks for teaching me the names of a few hardware pieces
I tried out a few hook-type pieces, and that's what I was planning to do at the beginning, but it just didn't look right to me. But hey, go to the shop and poke around, try it yourself.

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