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Introduction: Reworking Isntructable


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    Will this ever be reposted? I saw a video of someone who built it and I would like to see the plans in more detail.

    hey kbcford1 when do you think that they instructable will be done reworking because i made it last april and i want to make a smaller version out of brass

    can anyone tell me how to see the instructions , it`s under construction plzzzzz i want to make it

    I made the Hardware Store Steam Engine over April break last spring very good instructable Thanks Kyle

    Hey kyle, or anyone who finished, i was wondering how the gas makes it from the inlet tubes to the pivot arm and then to the cylinder.


    I've unpublished your Instructable while you make your changes. You can find it in your Drafts and go ahead and publish it again when you are good to go!

    Community Support Manager

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    Thank you Nicole! I hope to be done reworking all of my instructables soon!


    Hey myakka, could you at least post a schematic. It looks like the page expired.

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    Sorry, when i said piston housing i meant cylinder. What kind of loose joint does that have?

    FYI, i had a busy week! i will be on sometime this weekend to answer some of the questions that were asked this week. Thanks!

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    Come on man, why has the page disappeared? You should create a video to replace it or even a comment. It is really cool.

    Fantastic design. I think I will build this over the weekend.
    only one question- where is the escape valve?

    Please, would anyone who remembers the page before it disappeared tell me how the piston housing is able to move.


    Will increasing the size of cylinder and piston increase the speed and power of engine?

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    it will increase power but if anything decrease the speed. Also can you see this instructables because nothing is showing up for me?

    it's happened to me right after I bought the supplies and I am pissed