Picture of Hardwood Chopstick Rest
These chopstick rests are made from a variety of hardwoods that have been glued together and make a great gift to anyone who eats with chopsticks.  Chopstick rests are used to keep chopsticks off of the table and are a common element in Japanese restaurants and east asian fine dining.  While anything can be used as a chopstick rest, even the paper wrapping that wooden disposable chopsticks come in, they're usually made of a material that has some value and beauty (wood, stone, ceramic).  Chopstick rests are a decorative and fun piece to customize, and so, I did.

Step 1: Make rainbow wood

Picture of Make rainbow wood
Gluing up thin strips of multiple types of wood to create a larger multi-colored board that I call "Rainbow Wood" is easy to do if you've got the proper woodworking tools and allows you to have some pretty cool stock material on hand for projects that could use it.

Follow the steps in this Rainbow Wood Instructable and make up some stock material.

You can also skip this step and use any kind of hard wood that you like.

Take your stock material and slice a piece off in the table saw using a crosscut sled.  The width of your cut will equal the width of your chopstick rest.  I cut off around 1 1/8".  

The thickness of the rest is determined by the thickness of the stock.  The length of the rest will be determined by another cut that comes later.
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Dr.Bill2 years ago
In Japan they are called 'Hashi' with a downward vocal emphasis on the 'shi' part of the word.
Actually, in Japan, we call them 箸置き, (hashioki). Hashi are the chopsticks, though most of us tend to add the honorific "o". ohashioki & ohashi.
timwikander2 years ago
These are beautiful!
nice! i am about to make one right now. i don't always eat with chopsticks but when i do i will now use this!
FrozenIce2 years ago
Cool! I saw something very similar but made of ceramic at a local Chinese restaurant, but same concept and really cool look!