Picture of Hardwood Guitar Picks!

Step 1: Materials!

Picture of Materials!
Needed: - Some type of hardwood. No plywood. - Pencil - Guitar pick - Sandpaper (various grits) - Jigsaw or Circular Saw - Handsaw - Dremel tool w/ sanding bits - Lacquer - Vice grip - Anddd of course safety glasses
maKACS made it!7 months ago

It's a funny tiny project to make a guitar pick out of wood.

When I inherited a classical guitar from my Friend I restorated it and after that I started to make tiny things like this. A soundhole cover, wooden and bone saddle, a cejilla, some picks. I made the picks out of acacia and beef leg bone. I plan to make some with rubber grip on it. We can call it a spolier. :)

Yours picks are turned out great, nice ones!

2014-10-04 18.04.31.jpg2014-10-04 22.25.07.jpg2014-10-04 22.25.21.jpg2014-10-04 22.25.49.jpg2014-10-04 22.26.09.jpg2014-10-04 22.26.23.jpg2014-10-04 22.26.33.jpg2014-10-05 16.34.57.jpg2014-10-05 16.36.46.jpg2014-10-07 18.18.02.jpg2014-10-11 16.22.31.jpg2014-10-11 16.22.43.jpg2014-10-11 16.22.54.jpg2014-10-11 16.24.11.jpg
jeremymbates (author)  maKACS7 months ago

Very cool! I hadn't really thought about using materials like that. Great stuff!

laxflame239 months ago

I love this project and will make some when I get time. I was wondering where you got that guitar bowl or if you made it?

jeremymbates (author)  laxflame239 months ago

I found it online here:


Being there when they were created and having a few of my own, they are great! I love them and I don't like using plastic picks anymore.
b_man_rec2 years ago
This is great. I am going to start this today!
jeremymbates (author) 2 years ago
So far as I have used them they hold up fine, they are a stiff pick and don't bend at all. But that's my preference in a pick so I know it's not for everyone.
bg_askins2 years ago
how do they hold up when used?