Picture of Harlem Shake Instructables (or any site)

This instructable show you how to make the instructables robot start the Harlem Shake (with music playing) and, when the bass drops, make the whole sight go crazy. Internet Explorer and Firefox Versions Coming Soon. This is just for chrome for now.
What did you make? I made a python program that is 914 lines long that automatically goes to the website you program it to (it goes straight to instructables.com if you don't follow my steps to edit the code) and makes the site do the harlem shake. In the instructables version, it makes the instructables robot start the dance and then everything else joins in.
How did you make it? I made it by taking a little bit of time each day to work on the program. I am just learning java so I spent hours on end looking through python manuals and code directories. My plans developed as I worked on it and it went from a 12,000 line long program to a 914 line long program (I found a few shortcuts).
Where did you make it? I made this entire project at home, spending a few hours out of my homework time on it (bad idea). I had to balance extracurricular activities, homework and this project, in fact, I should probably be doing my AP Computer Science homework right now...
What did you learn? Over the course of this project, I pretty much learned an entire new language (apart from similarities to java). I also learned a lot from having to debug my program. As a new python programmer, I had many errors that I had to work around and learn from. I am extremely proud that I got this program done before the Harlem Shake became a thing of the past. If I had to do it again, I would try to compress the code so that it would be easier to program.

kukubee2 years ago
Nice! That reminds me of YouTube.

Just type "do the harlem shake" in YouTube then press Enter and see what happens.
searx (author)  kukubee2 years ago
That's awesome!
very nice job!
Sassah1222 years ago
THIS IS TOTALLY EPIC. This should be put on reddit.
searx (author)  Sassah1222 years ago
I don't know what reddit is but if you want to put a link there to this 'ble that would be great to redirect some views here!
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Haha, awesome!
searx (author)  mikeasaurus2 years ago
ldog1872 years ago
This is great!
searx (author)  ldog1872 years ago
Thank You!
I like the gif image.
searx (author)  andreyeurope2 years ago
Thanks! It's from Cyanide and Happiness.
FoamboardRC2 years ago
Oh no, I thought this harlem stuff was over with :'(
Nice i'ble :D
Barb372 years ago
How very clever - I'll bet there's never a dull moment when you're around!
It was only a matter of time. :D
That was better than great.

JacobS12 made it!7 months ago

Great! I made a bookmarklet that runs the code when you click on it, in it works great!!!!! sadly i cannot figure out how to make a link to it...

Raphango1 year ago
ahahhahaha LooL
Blechmen2 years ago
Nice, very cool and i was wondering how you did the automatic favorite and follow?
searx (author)  Blechmen2 years ago
Did you click the link at the beginning of the instructable?
searx (author)  searx2 years ago
I would like instructables to stay the way it is. I am just displaying my knowledge and abilities of computer coding and I don't want instructables to turn into a place filled with trickery. If you click on the link at the beginning of the 'ible you'll see that it's all just fun and games, and I've kept it so that you can reverse everything that it does. I am not going to tell anyone how to do it as it would screw up the site.
Blechmen searx2 years ago
don't you find that a little un-fair though?
searx (author)  Blechmen2 years ago
I made sure to keep everything reversible so people can undo any of the actions they want to.
Poehls05 searx2 years ago
Still, if somebody doesn't read thoroughly and is just skimming...idk its on the borderline..haha but smart idea though
schumi232 years ago
I would suggest to cut the code into a pastebin file instead, instead of poluting the page. (It makes the viewer scroll downa lot)
j.hawkins2 years ago
This is pretty cool. Although....

You should use pastebin for the code. For sure.

And when you referenced hsmaker and said this is better because its done from scratch.. That only applies to you.

Anyway good work! Would've been a hell of a lot simpler just in java though haha.
searx (author)  j.hawkins2 years ago
I wasn't saying that it was better than hsmaker, but it will make you feel more accomplished. Also, it's probably true that java would be easier, maybe using the robot class.
mattbeddow2 years ago
Not wanting to burst your bubble but doesnt hsmaker.com do this already?
searx (author)  mattbeddow2 years ago
Yes, but this will make you feel accomplished as it is done from scratch!