Picture of Harlequin Cap
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Costume party comming up? Use this pattern to make a harlequin's cap in any colour you like. 

It's a bit complicated, but if you follow the instructions closely, you'll do fine!

you'll need:
- the printed pattern
- About half a metre of fabric
- Fusible interfasing (and a flat-iron)
- Some biastape
- Filling
- Bells
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Step 1: Once upon a time

Picture of Once upon a time
First of, print the pattern on 5 A4 sheets.
Some parts were too big too fit on the paper. Fit the parts with matching signs and join them. (Black dot against black dot and flower against flower. Print it out, you'll see.)
Now put them on the fabric and cut them as many times as indicated on the pattern. Add a seam of about 1 cm. Or more if you have really big head :)

In this case I wanted the right and the left sideto be different colours, so instead of folding the fabric I used two different pieces, as you can see on the last picture. That way you don't have to cut twice and they will turn out to be the same size.

Step 2: Fuse

Picture of Fuse
Using Fusible interfasing will make the result much better. It's put onthe part that surrounds the face.
Iron it on and wait for it to cool.

Step 3: Curly Horns

Picture of Curly Horns
Sew the horns like shown in the picture. Then cut little triangles in the inner rounding.
Turn it and do the same to the other half.

Step 4: Getting the middle part right

Picture of Getting the middle part right
Cut the tip of the middle part.
If you like to add some decorative tape, as I did, now is the time.

Beginning at the back, pin the middle part to one of the horns. Sew it.

Pin on the other side and sew it to the point where you stopped at the other side. Hard to explain... I hope the pictures will make things clearer.

At this point fold the horns and sew the front part: starting with the point you finished to the nose part.

You do this right and it turns out pretty neat! And that's what we want. Neatness.
lauren40042 years ago
This is awesome! My boyfriend and I want to be the Joker and Harley Quinn for Halloween this year, this may come in handy! :)
Tigermouse (author)  lauren40042 years ago
Good, I thought it would be interesting to Harley Quinn sympathisers :) good luck!
That looks great! Awesome job!

I think that stuff is called bias tape.
Tigermouse (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Bias tape! thanks, I'll correct that.