In this instructable I am going to show you how I built an electrical pepper mill that looks like the baseball bat belonging to Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad movie.

Who has ever been to my apartment knows that I have a lot of geeky decor and since I needed a knew pepper mill and couldn't find one I liked, I decided to build my own.

I originally wanted to make it from wood, but couldn't figure out a way on how to drill a hole all the way through it without cutting it into two pieces. So I decided to 3D print it.

It is activated by turning the switch hidden in the knob and a lot of fun. I definitely used way more pepper lately.

Should you only be interesting in how I painted the baseball bat, take a look at steps 1, 6 and 7.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

For the bat:



  • 3D printer
  • hot glue gun
  • soldering iron

For painting it:


  • blue, red, black and brown sharpies
  • red and black felt tip pens
  • pencil
  • ball pen
  • paper
  • tape
  • ruler
  • white tennis handle wrap (and maybe some white tape to hold it in place) or white electrical tape.
  • some type of wash I used Dark Tone Ink and Soft Tone Ink by Army Painter. You can also use watered down paint
  • clear coat
I know an instructable that has a template for the good night and the words look in my favorites
I thought Harley Quinn had a club but it's still cool
<p>she has both, great movie, Margot really channels her inner psycho chick...</p>
<p>If you are refering to the movie Harley Quinn it does appear to be a bat.</p>
You got my Votes.
<p>Fantastic - as usual...</p>
<p>I look at Instructables once every few months. Somehow, I always end up looking at something you made.<br><br>Very cool!</p>
<p>Excellent, love this!</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
Ok I see action figures with both clubs and bats
<p>...&quot;Just because we check guns at the door doesn't mean our brains will change from hand grenades...&quot;</p>
<p>That's fantastic! How did you paint the wood pattern? Did you do that freehand? I've seen patterning tools for flat stock, but they don't work on round objects.</p><p>You said you couldn't figure out how to drill a bat out without cutting it. If you were to make this project from wood, it would likely be easiest to cut a dado down the middle of a couple boards, glue them together, and turn your own bat on a lathe.</p>
<p>Thanks! Take a look at step 4. I made stencils</p>
<p>I would definitely be interested in learning more about this step, if you ever want a suggestion for another 'ible. :) I see some blue tape or plastic, but I would love to know: what the material is, how you designed it, how you cut it, and how you applied it. Apologies if these are dumb questions: I know almost nothing about painting/stenciling techniques.</p>
<p>The blue stuff is airbrush stencil tape, which I cut with my plotter. I designed the stencil in inkscape, but wasn't quite happy with it. That's why it consists of two parts. I am sure that a box cutter knife will work just as well since it doesn't have to look perfect. Afterwards I used transfer tape to apply the stencil to the bat. I hope that helps, feel free to ask should you want to know more</p>
<p>Very helpful. Thanks!</p>
Voted! :)
<p>Thanks a lot!</p>
<p>This is really cool definitely overkill but what cool project isn't?</p><p>Also overkill is good for harley. Where did you find the sweater? </p>
<p>Thanks, I bought it on ebay from China</p>
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<p>Amazing work!</p>
Hey me too was it the one with kids cvs adults or am I confused with just kids ( cupcake wars
I never heard of Harley Quinn until last week (cupcake wars theme). But this bat pepper mill is amazing. Thank you for documenting all of your hard work! Wow!

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