Introduction: Harley Quinn Makeup Step by Step

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Hi guys! this is my Harley Quinn makeup tutorial step by step

Step 1: Eyebrows

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Start with brushing your eyebrows with an eyebrows brush

Step 2: Eyebrows Filling

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Fill your eyebrows with an eyebrows pencil preferably not too dark

Step 3: Pink Eyeshadow

Picture of Pink Eyeshadow

Use a bright pink eyeshadow or a blush and an eyeshadow brush to put and blend the eyeshadow

Step 4: Blue Eyeshadow

Picture of Blue Eyeshadow

Next apply a bright blue eyeshadow

Step 5: Eyeliner

Picture of Eyeliner

Apply a thin eyeliner using a black eye pencil

Step 6: Smokey Eye

Picture of Smokey Eye

Create a smokey eye using a compact eyeliner or a black eyeshadow

Step 7: Eyelashes

Picture of Eyelashes

Brush your eyelashes with eyelash brush to prepare them for mascara

Step 8: Mascara

Picture of Mascara

Apply mascara on both upper and lower eyelashes

Step 9: Lipliner

Picture of Lipliner

Line your lips with a red lipliner

Step 10: Lipstick

Picture of Lipstick

Apply red lipstick and blend it with the liner then make a smudge

Step 11: Heart Tattoo

Picture of Heart Tattoo

Draw a small heart on your cheek using a black eyeliner

Step 12: Rotten Tattoo

Picture of Rotten Tattoo

Write rotten

Step 13: Hair

Picture of Hair

Part your hair

Step 14: Pigtails

Picture of Pigtails

You need 2 elastic hair ties to make harley's high pigtails

Step 15: Hair Bands

Picture of Hair Bands

Now you need a blue and a red hair bands

Step 16: Hair Extensions

Picture of Hair Extensions

Don't forget the blue and pink hair extensions

Step 17: Accessories

Picture of Accessories

You can add your own accessories, I'm using a red choker

Step 18:

Picture of

And you're done (◕‿◕ )

Step 19:


Mjtrinihobby (author)2017-01-13

Harley Quinn is scary but she does have sweet hands. Nice work!

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