Harley Quinn Makeup





Introduction: Harley Quinn Makeup

Celebrate being "Daddy's Lil' Monster" and the new movie Suicide Squad with this simple makeup / face paint design inspired by Margot Robbie's iconic character, Harley Quinn!

Step 1: Eye Make-Up

The first step in doing this make-up is putting on a little bit of silver eye shadow for the base. I used the shadow stick from the Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Duo Stick. Then, I went into my black eyeliner (from Wet N Wild) to give a little depth to my bottom eyelids.

Fun Fact: I started wearing eyeliner while I was in college, and I actually loved wearing it for special occasions!

Step 2: Face Paint

Now, it's on to the face paint, where I used Light Pink (Mehron Paradise) for my right eyelid, Lagoon Blue (Mehron Paradise) for my left eye. Then, for a more pop-out effect.I layered on some eye shadow on top of the paint. For the pink, I used a dark pink from the Floral Instincts palette, and light blue from the Art in the Streets palette, all from Wet N Wild.

Step 3: Finish With Hearts and Lipstick

I finished off my look with two black eyes below the corners of my eyes, and a pop of color to my lips using Maybelline Color Sensational in Fifth Avenue Fuchsia!

Step 4: Daddy's Lil Monster Comes to Life!

Now, just do your hair in pigtails, and show off your rocker attitude with this punky take on the classic comic book character!



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