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Step 1: Materials

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8"form tube, scrap 2x?x4 for handle, red $ white tape, black paint, scrap plywood to cap tube

Step 2: Cut

cut tube about 16" long
cut, lathe, widel, grind, sand handle
cut out tube caps out of plywood
glue or crew all together

Step 3: Paint

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paint black

Step 4: Tape

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use red & white tape to give it your own flare or design
I used a braided over lay on handle white for heads and final wrap with red


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-18

Oooo so awesome! Any Harley would be proud to have this hammer! Thanks for sharing!

Well thank you coming soon are the full costume with hammer then still working on The Riddler with hat & cane

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