Introduction: ==Harley Quinn's Hammer==


Step 1: Materials

8"form tube, scrap 2x?x4 for handle, red $ white tape, black paint, scrap plywood to cap tube

Step 2: Cut

cut tube about 16" long
cut, lathe, widel, grind, sand handle
cut out tube caps out of plywood
glue or crew all together

Step 3: Paint

paint black

Step 4: Tape

use red & white tape to give it your own flare or design
I used a braided over lay on handle white for heads and final wrap with red


MsSweetSatisfaction made it! (author)2014-10-18

Oooo so awesome! Any Harley would be proud to have this hammer! Thanks for sharing!

TheBigEc made it! (author)TheBigEc2014-10-18

Well thank you coming soon are the full costume with hammer then still working on The Riddler with hat & cane

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