This instructable teaches you how to make a harmless switchblade to bother people with or to decapitate teddy grahams. Have fun. I am not liable for any harm to the eyes of anyone who builds this.
2 popsicle sticks
rubber band
duct tape
1. Take 1 popsicle stick and duct tape to the bottom part of the bottom jaw of the clothespin.
2. rubber band the 2nd popsicle stick to the 1st as shown. Keep twisting it until its tight.
3. Twist the 2nd popsicle stick until it is almost over the 1st and clip it with the clothes pin, as shown in the last picture.
Press the clothespin to make the popsicle stick flick out at potential enemies or teddy grahams.
<p>its called a balistic knife</p>
I did this because it is much faster than making extra steps
Just some constructive criticism, but I think the quality of your instructable suffers because of this logic. It's a little difficult to understand the building process as well. This looks like it could be a fun toy for kids - similar to the popsicle stick ninja star.
Just a tip, instead of numbering the steps in the intro, make new steps, and put separate pictures and instructions in each step. Other than that, clever idea.
What hm?

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