Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need
The few things required to build these darts are listed here.
-masking tape
-aluminum foil
-tooth picks(round or flat)

Step 2: The head

Pull off a peice of aluminum foil a little longer than one inch(two point five centimeters)long by twelve inches wide. This is enough to make two darts, so rip it in half through the short part. Wad up each piece into a ball. They don't need to be pretty, because the dart still flies well with a lopsided end.

Step 4: How to throw

There are two ways to throw this dart. The first version is to hold just behind the head and throw like a paper airplane. I like this version better because it flies straight with minimal twisting. The second version is holding by the tail and whipping it forward. This goes farther but is harder to aim and it twists in flight. DO NOT THROW AT THE EYES. DO NOT BLAME ME IF SOMEONE GETS HURT.

This is my first instructable. Please comment.

suggestion: try holding more than one dart for a shotgun blast.
wonderdog014 years ago
awesome but if you put fletchings on it it flys way better
dart 2.jpg
tincanz (author)  wonderdog014 years ago
ok, thank you very much!
leon08624 years ago
seriosly your sister is cute
tincanz (author)  leon08624 years ago
are you hitting on her?!?!?!?!

yes yes i am mmm hhhhmmm
tincanz (author)  leon08624 years ago
 if u are serious then f-off creeper!!!!!!!!!!!
Lftndbt5 years ago
They don't look so harmless to me. ;-)
hehe lol
tincanz (author)  Lftndbt5 years ago
you throw them blunt end first