Harnessing Sound Power





Introduction: Harnessing Sound Power

Everyone is talking about using solar panels and wind turbines to Go Green however those are far from the only sources of renewable energy; one that is almost never spoken of is sound.
Although it does take a fair amount of noise to generate a descent amount of electricity, if you think about it, say you were to harness all the noise from a football game or the hustel and bustel of a large city, by the end of the day you have a lot of power energy. And, while it is of course far from the solution to the plethora of climate problems that faces us--being as impractical and inefficient as it is--the notion of converting sound into electricity is nevertheless in my mind a very neat and fun concept to which very little attention is given.

The things you will need:

2 wires
1 volt meter
1 speaker (the bigger the better)

Step 1: Wiring the Speakers

The whole process it quite simple. The first step is to attach wires to your speaker. Your speaker may already have wires attached and if that is the case go right onto the next step.

Step 2: Hooking Up the Speaker

The next thing to do is to connect the your positive and negative wires on the speaker to the volt meter contacts and switch it on.

Your done!

Step 3: More

To increase its output you can place the speaker up against a speaker playing some music or if you happened to own a jet, you could strap it onto the engine and make some serious electricity!



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    I am a student, I live in a shared room and I recently bought a 3D printer. I have not been able to print more than a whistle (and that was the test print) because the noise tears down the peace. Soon I will build an enclosure which will keep most of the noise inside. And to further reduce the noise I will realize your project (because noise that is been transformed to electricity is less noise that will bother me and my roommate) but not with a speaker nor a microphone, as you tried and as the comments suggest, but with a piezoelectric sensor; and that is my suggestion to you. Thanks.

    mmmm, it makes me think, how about collecting electricity from silence...meaning from sound waves that we can not hear...

    Mind blown!

    Use microphone instead of speaker. Microphone is a transducer which converts sound in to electrical signals. I hope it will give better results. All the best!!

    Well, i did it, and it produced around 4V , from a step up transformer that i fixed with the speaker wires. But the input was my voice rather putting up the speaker and also i attached a plastic funnel to it. Help me with modification so that i can harvest surrounding sound.

    Hey ! I like what you did. I would like to know if you made any further progress.

    Hey do you think its possible to use a guitar as the input? the guitar is connected to an amp, then while playing, the sound from the amp goes to the generator-speaker, which in turn produces electricity to power up the amp. But before you turn it on you will need a jump start, like connecting a mic to the generator speaker to start the cycle maybe? I call it "The Portable Musician".

    Ok. 1st. Chicks into electronics are cool ;). Old post. Maybe ur still tinkering... But I was thinking about the big pyramid in Giza (over 900 in Egypt alone. Every country has many many pyramids. So, since ENERGY is most important. Imho the "power plant" theory TOTALY MAKES SENSE. BUT NOT AC DANGEROUS HOT EVIL ELECTRICITY. DC TESLA STYLE. THAT HELPS HEAL THE BODY. BUT THIS IS ALL HIDDEN FROM MAINSTREAM.) MY POINT IS:::) IN THE GRAND GALLERY ARE NOTCHES, AS IF SOMETHING WAS THERE. LIKE A ROW OF REVERBERATEORS (CHRIS DUNNEL JUST CURIOUS. .. TY

    This thought crossed my mind at a rock concert. Some serious sound vibrations are created at concerts, you feel it in your body. It would be awesome to figure out a way to recycle some of that energy into powering the concerts.