Introduction: Harry Potter: Luna's Radish Earrings

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Learn how to make radish earrings - just like Luna's!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

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You will need:

Some polymer clay - I've used Sculpey for this project.
You'll need three colours - green, purplish-red, and white.
A pair of earrings - you can probably get these from any craft store.
small amount of bendable wire (to attach radish to earrings)

Step 2: Prepare Clay

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Seperate the clay into equal halves.
You will need more or less depending on how large you want your earrings to be. Proportionately, you should have more red clay than white, and more white than green.

Step 3: Putting the Radish Together

Picture of Putting the Radish Together

Place the white clay on top of the red ball.
Roll both pieces in your palm until you have one unified sphere.

Step 4: Adding Roots

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Pinch the white part of the radish, making a cone.
Roll the tip of the cone to create a short root.

Step 5: Leaves

Picture of Leaves

Split the green clay into three teardrop-shaped leaves.
You will want the middle leaf to be large and thicker, as this is where your wire will be inserted.
Attach all leaves together at the stem and pinch/roll them together.
Using a pen, make a hole in the top red part of your radish. Insert the leaves into this hole stem-first.

Step 6: Wire

Picture of Wire

Fold the piece of wire in half and thread it through your earing.
Insert the other end of the wire into the middle large leaf of the radish, pushing down so it enters the red part as well. This will help to hold the pieces together once baked.

Step 7: Bake and Wear!

Picture of Bake and Wear!

Make the other radish and bake both of them according to the instructions on your clay label. Make sure you don't let the clay burn! Let it cool down before taking the clay out from the oven as it will be very hot, as well as fragile. Once your earrings have cooled sufficiently, grab your butterbeer necklace and a copy of the Quibbler, and don your new earrings!


SophiesFoodieFiles (author)2016-07-26

Very cool; well done! :)

Cool but in the book Luna wears dirigible plum earrings

Not from what I remember, from what I remember they were radish earrings and the dirigible plums grew outside her house.

artsyahf (author)2011-06-25

Can you bake the radishes on the earrings?

ghicken (author)artsyahf2011-07-19

Yes, the metal is fine in the oven.

SoccerChic923 (author)2011-05-21

Mine are soooo cute! thank you so much! Luna is my favorite character and now i look just like her!

kiwi16877 (author)2011-05-17

Mine are so cute! To Luna- I happen to be in Ravenclaw. Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.

kiwi16877 (author)2011-03-05

Mine are still in the oven, but so far so good! I used dyed homemade clay instead of store bought.:)

laernmoer (author)2007-07-30

I saw on a website that the girl who played Luna beat out something like 15,000 other girls fro the part. And that the radish earrings she wore were made by her. I'm not sure how true it is, but I would guess that she's quite a fan if she made her own version.

LunaLovegood (author)laernmoer2007-10-31

This is true, but her earrings were not really dirigible plums. They were beaded. As I am Luna Lovegood, I really should have been the one to play myself. See what I mean? Unfortunately, this Evanna girl was taking my place while I was with my friends. Does anyone else personally know Harry Potter? He's quite nice, actually. Very kind to me, even though Ron and Hermione don't always aprove of me. Very kind. I wish Dobby hadn't died. Harry even dug him a grave. I would have helped but I was told to stay away.

I am Luna Lovegood's younger sister, in the muggle world, fearing that my aunt (i'm not naming names) who is a death eater will find me. no offense, but my sister doesn't act like that, and she doesn't use a computer.

i thought luna lovegood was an only child!

mg0930mg (author)LunaLovegood2009-02-13

This is a spoiler to the books....

Agroking (author)laernmoer2009-12-01

is it just me or does Evana has a sort of strange sexy air about her?

(YOUR N (author)2010-11-23

i used real radishis it looks better

(YOUR N (author)2010-11-23


LunaLovegood (author)2007-10-31

Those don't look much like my earrings. Yes, they are reddish-orange. In the movie Evanna Lynch messed up or something. She said my necklace was to keep the Gnargles away. Oh, and my earrings are made of Dirigible Plums, not radishes. I do rather like the earrings, though. They are quite lovely and unique. Very small. Very practical. I'm going to go paint my friends' faces on the wall. See you!

excuse moi, gut you spelled *nargles* wrong, that's okay.probably a mistake, i suppose? mwa mwa k1sses, hannah, luna lovegood's favorito sister! bye!

danber (author)2010-02-07

Very cool! Much better than the other radish earrings Ive seen online. I think I will be giving this one a go :D But I think I will make it with orange clay to make it as true to the book as I can. Thank you!

Lyssterine (author)2009-12-29

So so so sooooo cute!
I'll definitely be making these. :]

hierodula (author)2007-07-25

weren't those supposed to be orange?

grimsqueaker (author)hierodula2007-07-25

Radishes are purply - red. Or do you mean in the books? I don't remember her specifying a colour but I could be wrong.

The newest book mentions that they are radish like fruit, and are orange. I don't think the older books say anything except that she wears earrings made of things that look like radishes.

theri dirigible plumbs not radishes duh it says so in the deathly hallows in the chapter where they fo to the lovegoods ht e sign saya "keep off the dirigible plumbs"

There dirigible plums. There orange. It says it in books six and seven for sure. There called dirigible because the steer your mind in the right direction. I'm wearing mine right now. I put them on my recreation of Rowena Ravenclaws diadem.

-Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure <3 Luna X. Lovegood

My earrings aren't a fruit. I wish Harry were here...

Well, this instructable was made before the newest book was released. :) I'm re-reading it again and I'll keep my eyes open for the orange mention!

whiteoakart (author)grimsqueaker2007-07-30

Dirigible plums, to be precise!

grimsqueaker (author)whiteoakart2007-07-31

Yup, just re-reading it and I got to that part! I'll probably alter the instructable down the road to make it more accurate. :)

Dr. Steel (author)2009-07-19


watermelonhead (author)Dr. Steel2009-07-29


Dr. Steel (author)watermelonhead2009-08-01


duckythescientist (author)2009-07-16

Does anyone have the page/book that these are mentioned in? I like the idea, but I want to read the part in the book to make sure if it make it, it is accurate.

*If I make it, it is accurate.

LunaLupinTonks (author)2009-07-03

i made mine orange because they are described as orange radishes.

!Andrew_Modder! (author)2007-07-15

hmm, i didnt knotice she had thos :-P

She'd an odd one. ;)

whiteoakart (author)grimsqueaker2007-08-01

Weird in an endearing sort of way.

ps. you can kind of see them behind her hair here:

KillTheBlackBunny (author)2007-07-16

simply FANTASTIC!!

Mitten (author)2007-07-15

Those are turnips.... Radishes are red

grimsqueaker (author)Mitten2007-07-15

Uhm, they're pretty similar looking. They look a bit redder in real life.

I've modeled them after this:

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