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Last year my son asked for a Hogwarts-themed birthday party, complete with Quidditch practice. So we made this Nimbus 2000 broomstick for the kids to fly around in our back yard. Turns out it was a blast for parents and grandparents too! We kinda figured it out as we went, so these instructions are the story of how we built it.

If you have ideas for enhancements or simplifications, please share in the comments!

Jump to the last step if you just want to see us having fun flying around the back yard. :-)

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Broom Handle & Base:

  • 1x axe handle, for the broom handle
  • 2x 10" lengths of 2x4, for the side panels
  • 1x 20" length of 2x4, for the horizontal stabilizer
  • 10x 8x3” deck screws, to assemble the base


  • 1x 18” square piece of 3/8” plywood, for the seat
  • 4x 1" wood screws (or dry-wall screws), to attach the seat to the base
  • Cotton batting, for seat cushion stuffing
  • 24" square piece of thick velvety fabric, for the seat cover


  • 1x 24" length of 3/4" dowel, for the tail shaft
  • Twigs or small diameter sticks (e.g. from a stick wreath), for the broom head
  • 24” of 18 gauge galvanized wire, to secure the broom head to the tail shaft
  • 1x 1/2" wood screw, to anchor the wire to the tail shaft

Hanging Apparatus:

  • 100’ of 1/2” rope, to hang the broom
  • 30” of 1/4" chain, to separate the rope lines
  • 1x 3/8” load-bearing carabiner (optional), to adjust the angle of the broom handle
  • 1x small carabiner (non-load bearing), to connect the seat back

Stirrups (optional):

  • 1x 60” length of 1” wide (flat) nylon straps
  • 2x 1” wide strap adjusters
  • 2x 2x8” strips of thick plastic sheeting (e.g. from bottom of a reusable grocery bag)
  • 2x 3/4" wood screws and finishing washers to connect stirrups to base

Tools & Supplies:

    • Skill saw or table saw, to cut the axe handle, 2x4s for the base, tail shaft, etc.
    • Jigsaw or band saw, to cut the plywood seat, notches in the base, etc.
    • Staple gun with 3/8” staples, to secure the seat cover fabric and stirrups
    • 5/8" spade drill bit, to drill holes for the ropes
    • 1/4" round file, to soften the edges around the rope holes
    • Black spray paint, to paint the handle, base and tail
    • Silver model paint & small paint brush, to paint the model name (e.g. "Nimbus 2000" on the handle)
    • Masking tape, to make sure you don't paint anything you don't intend to paint
    • Matte knife, to shape small slots in the plastic sheeting for the stirrup straps
    • Bar clamps, to hold the base while screwing it together
    • Scissors, to cut the fabric and cotton batting for the seat cushion
    • Ruler/straight edge, tape measure, pen/pencil, etc.
    <p>and you played &quot;quididitch&quot; wow</p>
    <p>great idea!! So gonna do this one day!</p>
    <p>awe!! so CUTE!!!</p>
    <p>awe!! so CUTE!!!</p>
    <p>Great design! Worked perfect with a zip line and helped make a great birthday party. Yes, they were wearing a 5 point harness that kept them up if they were to fall (only had to work once and it did it's job just fine).</p>
    So darn cool! Build me one ok? : )
    <p>Relay nice idea! Would love to have one of these while I where younger. Would probably work well on one of those where you glide along a wire as well! </p>
    I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter books!
    <p>So if we attached this to a zip line, imagine the results (besides the risk to life an limb)!</p>
    <p>Hmmm... grandpa's has a zip line, and he loves Halloween. I'll see what I can do. :-)</p>
    <p>This. Is. Amazing. ^^</p>
    <p>That's awesome. Well done.</p>
    <p>Thanks, it was a ton of fun to build and true joy to watch the kids playing Quidditch in the back yard.</p>
    <p>So good! My kids would love this!</p>
    Awesomest. Swing. Ever.
    the kids can have the swing. I want this for myself! :D Very cool!
    <p>This is <em><strong>the best</strong></em> !! I love love love it!! </p>

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