Step 3: Frosting and Decorating

Combine the marshmallow fluff, butter, sugar, and vanilla with an electric mixer until the ingredients are evenly dispersed. Smooth the lovely fluff onto the cupcakes.

 I made a batch of mini cupcakes along with the larger ones, and instead of decorating them with the caramel or chocolate web, I sprinkled cinnamon on tops. You can always skip the web design, and opt for a dusting of cinnamon, a sprinkle of butterscotch chips, or a simple drizzle of caramel or butterscotch sauce.

To create the web design, draw three circles with the sauce of your choice. Start from the center of the cupcake, and using a toothpick or the edge of a knife, pull out five lines that reach the edge.  In between the lines you've just drawn, pull out another line for each space. (See picture for an example).
That's AWESOME! Especially love the icing pattern! <br><br>PS, If you wanna have a potter feast, I recommend Bertie Boots Every Flavored Beans, and also Chocolate frogs! <br><br>As for decor, try LED candles hanging from the ceiling like in the grand hall, and also a platform 9 3/4 screen hanging in front of the door your so your guests can run right in!<br><br>Im a Potterhead, sue me! ?
I like it! I'm not so big on the decorating, no offense meant. I'm going to try my own soon. I think I'll make my own butterbeer first and then add THAT to the batter. =)
Its usually in the seasoning aisle.
These look amazing! And it seems so simple. One question, though. Where can I get butter flavouring? I've never heard of it before. Is it something I can buy in my local grocery store? Is it with the extracts?
My dad found it at a nearby grocery store, but unfortunately I'm not quite sure which aisle it lives in.
It's usually right next to the vanilla extract. You can find it at Walmart.
These are so adorable. :D

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