Step 6: Flying the kite with help.

Unwind about 10 metres (thirty feet) of thread from the bobbin, and stand with your back to the wind.

Hand your kite to your friend, and send them ten metres down-wind.

Your friend faces you, and holds the kite above their head. They do not throw the kite into the air.

Apply a little tension to the line, then shout "let go!" to your friend. They do not throw the kite into the air, but merely let go, take a step backwards, and leave it to climb by itself. You can then unwind more thread as you wish.

For a more detailed description of launching, alone or with help, please check my earlier Instructable.

For a more in-depth discussion of kite safety, please read this other step from the same Instructable.

<p>do u tape down ear spars?</p>
<p>You can - I used PVA glue, as it works well on both paper and bamboo.</p>
<p>thanks,gonna fly it today</p>
<p>how do you make a kite train with the owl kites</p>
<p>tip: use tape to hold down leading edge spar at spar intersection and wingtips</p>
hey is there a way you could post a picture of the final owl kite just for us to see what it looks like, front and back? <br>thanks!
Are the pictures in step 2 not enough (my shed is not in a useable state right now)?
love this idea!!! just printed one out!! i'm gonna start right now!
FINALLY! another kiteman kite!
Finally? Check the published date...
oh, but but ... i got an e-mail saying you JUST posted it.
That will be the new subscription service - I get pretty randomly-timed messages about other peoples' threads and ibles as well. I did just update it with a PDF file, though. Maybe that triggered something.
probably, any new paper craft stuff? i loved building the coffin.
Not in the foreseeable future, I've got some bigger projects in the pipeline.<br/><br/><sub>Unless I get inspired, of course.</sub><br/>
: (
dude try making a larger wingspan for an owl it would look more realistic and may fly better
The cocktail sticks would make perfect axles for rotating eyes. For the ring use bamboo, or that plastic strip they put round boxes of copier paper and bundles of free newspapers.
So, cut out the eyes that are there? Nice idea - I have seen it on several Chinese kites I own, but for some reason I never thought of using it myself!
Yes indeed. You have to cut 2 holes in the kite, preferably bigger than the rotating eyes. Glue on the sticks in just the right position / angle so that: 1) the ears are supported, 2) the eyes rotate. If you try it and it works, let us know !
I think there is a dark hex on your entry. I tried to give it a +, but it recorded two minuses!
Yah, there was an "incident" about a week ago - a (now-ex) member went off the deep end. He had three identities running at once (in the same thread!), and I think he used them all to down-rate some of my stuff. Never mind - they aren't counting the negatives, only the positives, so you've still helped me, thank you.
Indeed- only positives are counted. No worries.
yeah, and if u see a bad message, just flag it. the flag button is by the REPLY button. and the poeple who run the site will rid of the mesage. nice kite
I don't get it... why are people giving this a "-".... There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with this instructable.... I'm pretty sure "-"'s aren't supposed to be used to say "I don't like this Instructable" They're supposed to be used to say "This instructable isn't appropriate".. Correct me if I'm wrong, but... I think this one deserves a +! Sweet job, Man of Kites!
I'm getting negatives?<br/><br/>&gt;sob&lt;<br/><br/>If they're genuine, fine, but I'd like somebody to own up and say <em>why</em> - what's wrong with the Instructable?<br/><br/>&gt;lightbulb&lt;<br/><br/><em>When</em> were the negatives left? There was a certain ex-member who had three identities and decided to develop a grudge against me over the weekend.<br/><br/>Ah, well, I don't think a couple of negatives will affect the outcome of the Harry Potter Challenge - there are some much better entries than mine (vote for the wands, chaps!)<br/>
Dunno when, but it might be him...
do you want us to create the best one as the title says competition?
This isn't a competition, it's a competition <em>entry</em>.<br/>

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