So about a week ago, I fractured my pinky and had to take a few days off from work. During this time, my best friend and I decided to make some Harry Potter themed cupcakes. We will again make them for the premier of the last film and our mini Harry Potter party.

What you'll need:
-2 boxes of white cake mix [we were a bit lazy...]
-Cake mixes differ, so be sure to also get whatever the instructions say on the back of the box for extra stuff for the batter like eggs, water, oil, ect.
-Large mixing bowl
-Hand mixer, stand mixer, or a spoon and some elbow grease!
-2 tubs of white frosting
-Wilton icing coloring [we bought an 8 pack box that included all of these colors plus pink]
-Small bowls for coloring
-Wilton decorating sparkle gel [we're girls, we like sparkle]
-Cupcake wrappers
-Cupcake pan or cupcake maker [yes, it is a real machine, we used one!]

I apologize for not having pictures of absolutely everything. We forgot about the camera until we had one batch of cupcakes completely finished!

Step 1: Mix Your Batter

Whether you're using Great-Grandma Edna's famous recipe or Betty Crocker's box mix, you must of course make your batter before you can bake it. Make sure you're using white cake mix though, it is absolutely essential for the next steps!
Now is also the time to preheat your oven or plug in your cupcake maker.
i thought that the hogwarts crest was the windows icon ;) Awesome cupcakes though
Me tooo!
Same here LOL. I was like wtf does Microsoft have to do with HP
Haha, we're definitely not artists! And I shall use my [still] broken finger as an extra defense... ;] Glad you liked them though! :]
HOGWARTS HAS FALLEN!<br>was it the SPECTRUMSENPRA!?<br>LOL great project some of the yellow things tly seeing as it it on the pictures made me jaugh quietly 4:34 AM and i was suppoed to be asleep 6 and a half hours ago.
Sectumsempra is the spell that Harry finds in the Half Blood Prince's Potions book that he uses against Draco.<br>I'm glad you enjoyed our cuppycakes! We had tons of fun making them! =]

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