Step 4: The "Magic" Wand

I made the wand using a strip of willow, and a large stag's antler tine. This wand has a special little trick to it which makes the tip light up, but with out any visible switch.

First off I hollowed out the willow stick, using an extra long 6mm drill bit. Then I carved the outside of the stick into a suitable wand shape.

Then I trimmed the antler tine grip into shape, and hollowed out a large section of it at the wide end. This is to house the battery and the invisible switch.

I then rigged up a simple circuit using a super bright LED, some button batteries and a small magnetic reed switch. I then fit this whole circuit into the hollows of the wand.

The reed switch is the real magic part here. It activates when a magnet is held near to it. So if I use a powerful enough magnet, I can bury the reed switch inside the wand's handle and no one can see it from the outside. All I do to avtivate it is use a sticky plaster to fix a small but powerful buttom magnet onto the inside of my thumb, then when I move my thumb close enough to the hidden reed switch, the LED is activated.

Making sure the electric are working properly, I then filled all the cavities with wood filler, at the tip and at the handle, then stained the wood a nice dark brown.

I've tried to upload a video of the wand lighting up, I hope it works!
VoldMoldy5 months ago

It's Bella's wand