Step 4: The "Magic" Wand

I made the wand using a strip of willow, and a large stag's antler tine. This wand has a special little trick to it which makes the tip light up, but with out any visible switch.

First off I hollowed out the willow stick, using an extra long 6mm drill bit. Then I carved the outside of the stick into a suitable wand shape.

Then I trimmed the antler tine grip into shape, and hollowed out a large section of it at the wide end. This is to house the battery and the invisible switch.

I then rigged up a simple circuit using a super bright LED, some button batteries and a small magnetic reed switch. I then fit this whole circuit into the hollows of the wand.

The reed switch is the real magic part here. It activates when a magnet is held near to it. So if I use a powerful enough magnet, I can bury the reed switch inside the wand's handle and no one can see it from the outside. All I do to avtivate it is use a sticky plaster to fix a small but powerful buttom magnet onto the inside of my thumb, then when I move my thumb close enough to the hidden reed switch, the LED is activated.

Making sure the electric are working properly, I then filled all the cavities with wood filler, at the tip and at the handle, then stained the wood a nice dark brown.

I've tried to upload a video of the wand lighting up, I hope it works!
<p>Where did you purchase the robe from? As I'm planning to make my own Death Eater costume :)</p>
<p>It's Bella's wand</p>
<p>Here's the mask you made me with the rest of my costume all together</p>
Hey man, really awesome Job... Great work! Please more
do you still have the cast from this project? <br>I'd really like to buy a unpainted mask to make a harry potter themed birthday present-set perfect... <br>if you have so and would be willing to make such a lovely mask for me, contact me please...
I don't know how I've missed this for so long because this build is incredible. I love every part of it, and it's actually very similar to what I would LIKE to make for a Jedi costume I've dreamed up. I'll definitely have to reference back here when I finally start making it.
I absolutely love your instructable. It shows how to make the whole costume and nothing is &quot;half-assed&quot;. I looks expensive and professionally made!
I just saw this now for the first time. Absolutely fantastic! The range of skills used to make this is enviable! Great job.
WHOAAAAA. Just.. You're amazing, Pete. This will be my new goal. :) <br>Thank you!
excellent by 50% I work ... Congratulations very good material
Ha so true
DUDE!!! <br>I have a hard time closing my mouth! <br>This is AWESOME!! <br> <br>I wish I had th time an persistence to make things like this! <br>I really want this :D
i love the mask &amp; wand <br>
You don't mess around, do you. HOLY CRAP THIS IS AMAZING! Remind me never to go up against you in any kind of costume contest. WOW!
Thanks for your comment, it made me smile! I'd appriciate a vote for this contest if you'd like to help me out! Thanks again!
that mask is great!<br>im from croatia, and i don't speak english vell, but pictures are amaizing!! :DD<br><br>can you please expllane me in a lot of steps how did you make that mask, and please explane me every deitail!<br><br>thanks you much<br><br>Antonio :D
Wow, that's awesome!
Awesome work Pete, looks amazing
Just amazing!! So many great things on this site!!
Very nice detail in the mask. I love the stiching on the costume too. Honestly, that mask is to cool to out away after Halloween. Would look really nice on a wall.
Thanks very much! You'll be happy to know that the mask is living on the wall in my office, cheers!
authentic and very creepy!
Best Death Eater costume ever!

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