Easy Fun and affordable 


• Ping pong balls (must be plain white and logo free)
• Gold Spray paint  (Can be bought fairly cheaply from Amazon)
• Hot glue gun (£3.99 from Amazon, glue included)
• Gold Glitter
• White Card

Step 1: Step 1: Spray

The first thing you want to do is to delicately spray paint your ping pong ball, you need to get a nice even coat. Remember to put down newspaper to ensure little mess as possible and to make sure you wear gloves and open a window or door to ventilate. The spray paint doesn’t take that long to dry, so leave for about an hour with a window or door open and settled on the newspaper.
<p>This looks quite nice, my daughter and I will have to try this! I wonder if it would be possible to cut a slit in the ball for the wings without crushing it. I think I may try glitter paint, too, just so I don't get glitter everywhere afterwards :-) </p>
Super wooooaw

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