Seeking a new pair of shoes? I was, so I decided to make a pair of leather sandals inspired by the golden snitch from Harry Potter (One of my favorite things!)

When I wear these I'm wicked fast and damn near impossible to see : )

Step 1: Mocking Up The Sandal

The first step was to mock up the sandal, I had a rough sketch / idea of how I wanted these to look, so to create them I started by examining a pair of existing sandals that fit me perfectly.

I traced around the sole to create the pattern and referenced the sandal to figure out where to put the straps and how long they should be. Then I started making some mock up strap designs out of scrap pieces of vinyl until I got the right shape. It took a few times but I finally got the right fit.

I fine tuned the pattern in Illustrator based off my mock up from actual fabric, since I was going to use real leather I wanted to make sure everything was perfect.

If your want to create this exact sandal, I have attached the pattern I created, it is for a size 7 1/2 : ) Enjoy!

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