If you read or have seen the Harry Potter movies, you know that in Hogwarts, the students are separated into four different houses; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

For the midnight release of the book, I decided that I needed to support my favorite house, which is Hufflepuff. For my outfit, I made a Hufflepuff themed pleated skirt.

Step 1: Supplies List

Here are the supplies that you will need:
Your sweet self
Measuring tape
Piece of paper
Thread (which matches your darker color fabric)
Sewing Machine
Either a Serger Sewing machine or seam tape
Spray Starch
And at least one yard each of fabric of the two colors of your house.
Something to use as a closure (see in closures)

Ribbon of either house color to use as trim. (about 4 - 5 yards)

Eyelets and and eyelet setter and string
lots of saftey pins
snap buttons
regular buttons
whatever your imagination brings you...
<p>I am ravenclaw</p>
<p>Could you post the pics on how to do the Pleats with contrasting Paper? I want to do this, but i am new to sewing. :D I have an HP Con in May!</p>
<p>or if it is easier, you could email me at kiyaslittlebox at gmail dot com</p>
I love this skirt, I think I will make a few, one for Ravenclaw (that's where I've been sorted- surprise surprise....a braniac in Ravenclaw.), one for my favorite house Gryffindor, and one out the leftover fabric I'll have from my kimono sweatshirt. That skirt looks super comfy, I wish I was wearing one like it now!
UPDATE! I've taken two tests, and on the test you provided (ever so kindly) I am both Gryffindor, and among your fellow Hufflepuffs! Yes! So, I'm a Hogwarts house mutt! Yay! So I'm a Gryfclawpuff...WOW that sounds screwy!
<p>A Gryffinpuff. Or a Huffleclaw. Or a Raffinpuff. (That last one was Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff.)</p>
What's a Hufflepuff???
<p>Well, if you'd like to hear it from one (like me), we're the best House, and the best Seekers in Quidditch! (Or finders, whatever you like.)</p>
Its a badger
I don't know but I hear they're really good finders.
I hear they're good at finding things.
<p>this is sooooooo cool! i'm gonna make a ravenclaw one. </p>
So cute. Totally making this... if I have time... But I will since I'm Ravenclawsome!
So cute..... sadly I,m not good with clothing. <br>
hmmm not really into harry potter(prefer twilight) but this skirt is HOT!....keep up the awesome work ;D want more!
LAMO! <br>(but I understand, I was like you when I was in middle school. you'll grow into womanhood in time) <br>JK.... ;)
I took five tests im ravenclaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a sucker for chicks in skirts, you shouldn't use the Lumo's spell that close to your eyes, lol. BTW: you spelled shirt wrong on step on pic 2
Ooh! Thanks for pointing out the typo! Sadly I didn't get any pictures from the event, so I'll just dress up in it sometime with my friends and fight my friend snape or something..
You're friends with <em>SNAPE???!!!</em> Now, for the first time, I am disgusted with someone at school that is NOT in Slytherin.<br/>
you may not know this and DON'T read this if you are still reading the seventh book, but Snape and Dumbledore planned for Snae to kill him. The only reason he's mean to Harry is because he loved his mom
I don't think he has the costume anymore :( So I guess I'm no longer friends with a Snape.
haha! that funny...btw these are way cooler than the ones in the movies!
Hey I was just wondering where did you get your eyelett setter and how much did it cost you? because the only one I have seen so far are the scrap booking ones and the crocodile ones (which are huge and pricey). If you could respond or anyone else please let me know I would greatly appreciate it. <br />
and also what size eyelet/grommet did you use?<br />
&nbsp;in Europe its measure 7 times
really cute skirt but im pretty sure in the movies they used brown for ravenclaw (of course i dont look to closely since its mostly gryffindor)
No I can't make a video, because I made this over a year ago. If you look at the crease on the first picture, you will fold the entire yellow part ontop of the black part and then fold back the yellow at that crease (You don't have to have a crease there. It's just there for a guide line). You can use a piece of cut cardboard as a guide to make the pleats even or a ruler. I can later make pictures with a piece of paper to show you more clearly without the black fabric there how to make the pleats.
Couldn't you, like, make another skirt, and then make a video of that to demonstrate the pleating?
No, but I will do the folding on paper so it is more crisp and take better pictures with labels and upload them later tonight.
D: I burnt my leg recently with an iron. I feel your pain.
I love this skirt so much and I'm making it for the hbp release!! I've already suffered second degree burns for the iron, but it is so worth it!
I don't understand the pleating step, do you think you could make a video of how to do it?
I love this skirt!I took 5 tests and they said I'm in Hufflepuff so I made one for the party about the last Harry Potter book to come out and a lot of people came up to me and said it was awesome! Thanks!
this is so cute!
sweet skirt Brie! I'm going to try making it, I'll let you know how it comes out!
Aw, what house are you going to be?
well, i am a hufflepuff, but i may try the skirt in colors of my own. i relly don't know yet, espicaly since my time this summer seems to become more and more limited!
the mirror pictures are so myspace

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