Harry Potter Howler Bookmark





Introduction: Harry Potter Howler Bookmark

Materials Needed :
Red Card
White Card
Pinking Sheers

Step 1: Mark & Measure

Mark a 12cm by 12cm square on the red paper & cut, while mark a 11cm by 11cm square on the white paper & cut.
Then divide each square into 4 equal parts.
With that in mind take two of the smaller squares diagonally from each other and draw lines diagonally.

Step 2: Assemble & Tongue

Cut out the pieces marked in the previous instruction, keep the extra white square you can use it!
Mark & cut out 6cm by 1cm on the red paper & cut a small triangle out one end making the tongue. Then glue the other end & stick underneath one side of the triangle.
Then Fold over one side of the white triangle piece glue on top & stick down the other piece.
Glue the back of the white paper & stick down on the centre of the red. Repeat the same step with sticking down the remaining red pieces.

Step 3: Final Pieces

Find that spare square that was originally cut, use pinking sheers & trim off the edges.
Flip the bookmark over & stick down the white piece in the centre of the back of the bookmark.
Flip back round.
Cut a small strip of the remaining white the length of the opening of the bookmark & snip with the pinking sheers to give the look off teeth. This then can be glued on underneath the opening.
Then thats you finished!



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    So cute and simple! Thanks for sharing your project!