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Introduction: Harry Potter Inspired Wand

     In honor of the last harry potter movie coming out, I decided to do a little project inspired by the book series I've read and reread countless times. This wand is made from a few components. The handle is a peg from an old coat rack my family was throwing out. I took the liberty of unscrewing a couple pegs because I liked the shape. They had little screws on the ends of them, which made it much easier to attach the wand component. The wand component is a handle from an old paintbrush, which was just the right length and shape for the peg. The taper and rounded end were perfect for making the wand look professional. Yes, there are wands out there that are perfectly straight rods, but I prefer mine a bit different. The metallic spiral is hot glue, painted with a mix of gold and copper acrylics. The wand would probably have been fine without it, but I liked the little flair that it gave the joint between the coat hanger peg and the paintbrush handle. I attached the peg to the handle by drilling a hole into the paintbrush handle that matched the size of the twisty screw end on the peg. The screw part of the peg was then coated  in gorilla glue and twisted in carefully. It would be easy to split the thin layer of wood around it. After letting it dry, I applied the hot glue spiral and spray painted the paintbrush handle a glossy black. the metallics were painted on very carefully with a small brush. To make the light wood of the peg look old and worn, I made it darker. I applied sharpie ink to a small area, and then quickly rubbed it off with a paper towel, repeating over all of the wood until the result looked good. Because of the plasticy finish on the two wood components, the end product looked nice and smooth.

I ended up taking this bad boy to the harry potter premier in a ravenclaw costume, just to have a good time.



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I Was A Gryffindor In That Test, Too!

I took a personlity test, I ws ravenclaw :D


Do you remember where you got the coat rack or anywhere I could find those style pegs? Thanks!

nvm! i didnt read the thing through before.