Paper craft is a lot of fun, I particularly like the models that move.  I wanted to try my hand at making my own movable model.  When I came up with the idea of making Harry Potter with a moving arm it occurred to me that it could be even better if I incorporated an LED into the wand.  So as he raises his arm to cast a spell the tip of his wand lights up. 

The arm is moved using a lever in the back and the wand is lit up with a 3mm LED.  As the lever is pushed in it strikes the inside surface closing the circuit, thus turning on the light.  I used conductive fabric for the contact points of the switch and conductive thread running between the LED, switch and battery.  Alternatively, you could use conductive paint, tape or regular wire.  The template is available in the next step as a pdf file, print full size on 8 1/2 by 11 (Letter) card stock.

Step 1: What you will need

Paper model:
  • Scissors/utility knife
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Papercraft model pdf (see below)
  • Cardstock and printer
<p>Holy Melon That's Cool Good Job</p>
<p>very nice</p>
<p>lo re quiero hacer locooo</p>
<p>and it was awesome</p>
<p>I'm a major Harry Potter fan</p>
<p> I am making it right now! hopefully i don't mess it up. cant wait until i finish it! :]</p>
<p>:l cool</p>
You all are nerds
I love this!!!
Great job by the way :) love it! Tilt switches are fairly straight forward, but if you have any questions about them I'd be glad to try and help :)
This was loads of fun to play with at Maker Faire, and it looks even better with the wand light action!
Thanks, I managed to get it to work!
Oh.. I just love it :) You are awesome in creating tiny things with lights, I always remember your crochet Gandalf :). Thank you for sharing your awesomeness :)
You might like to look at tilt switches for the led, it would work well with this movable model.
Great idea, I didn't think of that.
This is great. <br> <br>A tip for coloured paper models like this - run a coloured marker along the cut edges to camouflage joins like those in his hair.
Thank you, that is a great tip!
I love Harry Potter
And I noticed that you are a vegetarian :). You might want to check out my food projects, I hope you will find some good vegetarian recipes :)

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