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Introduction: Harry Potter Printables Vol. 1

If you're planning a Harry Potter party, you're in the right place. In this instructable, I'll be providing you with a compilation of some great Harry Potter printables. I also have a few tips and ideas to go along with them. Most of these are as easy as printing them and cutting them out. The download for the templates zip file is below (on desktop) or above (on mobile). The templates come in 8.5x11 inch size and A4 size. There is also one 11x17 size printable.


Once you've downloaded the templates, head to the next step for printing instructions and the video tutorial!

Step 1: Video Tutorial + Printing Instructions

Watch my video tutorial above or continue to the next step for written instructions.

Printing Instructions

  • Azkaban Prison Number Plates - Card stock or regular paper. Glue to Cardboard to make them more sturdy.
  • Ministry of Magic This Way - Regular paper.
  • Moaning Myrtle - Regular Paper.
  • Skiving Snackbox Ad - Regular paper (multiple colors optional)
  • Wanted Posters - Regular Paper
  • Gilderoy Lockhart Portrait - Card stock.
  • Wizarding Book Pages - Regular paper.
  • Hogwarts Acceptance Letter - Regular Paper.
  • Hogwarts Library Cards - Card stock.
  • Hogwarts Express Tickets - Card stock.
  • Fat Lady Portrait - Regular 11x17 paper.

Step 2: Instructions

Printing and cutting these out is pretty straight forward, so here are some related party tips:

  • Tape the Ministry of Magic page above your toilet.
  • Tape Moaning Myrtle on the bottom side of your toilet lid.
  • Glue the Azkaban Number Plates to cardboard for maximum sturdiness.
  • Tear off the sides of the book pages to make them look like they were torn out of a book. Also, crumple them up into a ball and then flatten them out again to make them look older.
  • Have your guests sign/doodle on the blank Hogwarts Library check out cards.
  • Send the Hogwarts Express tickets along with your invitations.
  • Pin the Fat Lady portrait to the outside of your front door. When your guests arrive ask for the password. (Remember to include a password in your invitations.)

Step 3: You're Finished!

Congratulations, you're done!

Remember to recycle your scraps.

Post your ideas and creations in the comments below!

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