Harry Potter - The Weasley's Burrow Gingerbread House

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Step 10: Top and Bottom become one!

Picture of Top and Bottom become one!

Once both the bottom and top sections were dry and the first roof was on,  I prepared to put "top" and "bottom"  together. If you can see from the picture, there are cinnamon sticks holding up the front end of the house. The cinnamon sticks go through a hole in the front roof section so that they are touching the base. I wanted to be extra careful in weight distribution as I was very worried the whole thing would fall apart. As it turns out, once I had glued the top section to the bottom section there was so much surface area covered that the weight wasn't an issue at all, barely any weight actually sat on the cinnamon sticks, it just all somehow magically worked out!  Which is great because after spending the amount of time I had to get to that point, I was very worried the whole thing would collapse. Lucky for me, It faired amazingly!