Harry Potter - The Weasley's Burrow Gingerbread House

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Step 12: Putting on the top section roofs

Picture of Putting on the top section roofs
top section roof 1.JPG
This seems pretty easy, but these pieces gave me a bit of hassle. Even though I used my tab technique on these roofs as well, they did not want to stay together at the centre. I ended up gluing them with icing using cans and anything I could find to keep them in place.

Now this is where some people might get mad at me. The whole house isn't actually finished. Turns out that no matter what I did my last two pieces of porch roof just would not stick on 4 measley posts. I tried just about everything and then decided that their porch roof had suffered a casualty in the wind, or maybe one of the Weasley's experimented with some muggle thing and blew it off the house! However I continued on with the rest of the house because I was too into it not to.