Harry Potter - The Weasley's Burrow Gingerbread House

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Step 14: The Pig Pen and the Laundry Line with Sweaters!

This bit was rather fun.  In the original image of the house, they had a pig pen at the side.  I made a lot of long  thin pieces out of gingerbread that I had used for a lots of things, including tabs on the roofs and porch posts. I turned these on there side to make the pig pen. 

The Sweaters are probably my favourite part of the whole thing. I wanted something on the house that would really reflect the Weasley's DIY creativity, and I loved her knit sweaters, so I decided to make a Laundry line with the entire Weasley Families Christmas sweaters on it. 

They were very easy to make. I just rolled out some really thin gingerbread, and used my paring knife to kind of eyeball a sweater shape. I baked them, then used a fine paint brush and brown food colouring to give them there details.  I used a licorice shoelace for the laundry line and a candy stick for the laundry post.

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