Step 4: Rolling Out and Making Your Gingerbread Pieces

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and put parchment paper on  2 large cookie sheets. As the pieces are really big for this, you will need large cookie sheets.

Sprinkle a bit of flour on to your dough rolling surface, find two pieces of anything that can be your thickness gauge on your gingerbread. ( I used some leftover foam core) Stick them on either side of your roller, so that you don’t get any thinner than that thickness with your roller, a nice even surface pays off in the end.  Split your dough up and start rolling it out.  Use the foam core pieces from the model to create your gingerbread shapes. I used a very sharp paring knife to do all of my cutting and it worked out really well. 

This is also where I added in some detail on the gingerbread, I took the template off, then I added in wooden slats on to the surface of the gingerbread, I used a dull butter knife to add grooves into the gingerbread which would give it a bit more detail once it’s baked.


<p>These are great instructions! I decided to make it this year after admiring this for a few years and it turned out fabulous! I did a whole <a href="http://takingawhisk.com/the-weasley-burrow-gingerbread-house-harry-potter/" rel="nofollow">blog post</a> on my experience and definitely referred back here because I could never have done it without these instructions/templates/recipe!</p>
After a lot of work I have completed my version of the burrow :) not quite like the original but I tried my best! Thank you for the pattern and instructions!
<p>WOW! yours has been the first attempt I have seen and I am super impressed! Way to freaking go! There are a lot of pieces, eh? This has completely made my day. Did you do it in a classroom? Or bring it in for a class to devour? </p>
I'm in grade 11 and I did mine half at home half at an after school club. I assebled it over the last 3 days with the help of my friend (I needed the extra height). I glued mine together with hot sugar instead of icing which made it sturdy and quick to set up but it will be on display within the school for a few months and after that I have plans to hit it with a baseball bat :)
<p>Amazing. Please record said destruction and post. That would be awesome to see. </p>
This idea popped into my head literally three days ago! I am so excited to have found thisinstructable!
<p>Just like the movies!!</p>
I just wanted to thank everybody who voted for me! I was totally blown over by this! Thanks so much! You are all awesome - 10 random bonus awesome points for everybody!
A completely wonderful creation! I too am an avid fan of the HP books and films, though the books are far better than the films, I'm currently reading the series for the 32nd time. I'm a pensioner now so not too many years left to reach 100 reads ??<br>Back on topic of your instructable, would it be possible for you to convert your measures to grammes etc for those of us that live with metrication. I'd love to make the Burrow but I'm totally stumped with the cup and spoons sizes. They, of course, have exact measurements but as spoons and cups aren't standardised in the UK it's hard to get a correct measurement. Thank you and again, very, very, very well done on your creation. Keith.
<p>nice creation, wish I was good at baking, I can't make fairy cakes, let alone gingerbread. I might attempt it, but I don't see it looking as good as yours. if I do make it and it works, i'll post it. if it fail's at least it will taste good.</p>
I'm about to attempt this amazing creation any tips?
<p>Hey hickmott,</p><p>That's awesome I would love to see pics when you are done! Good luck! It will take a lot of patience. Watch your batches carefully, and trim right after you get stuff out of the oven, if it has in any way gotten bigger than your piece should be. This took me a good deal of time, as each section of the house really has to set before you add toooo much weight on to the next one, It is ridiculously tall when it is done and you may need to step on a chair to get to decorating the top of it. Have fun! </p>
Awesome thank you! I just had a couple random questions about it. 1. When I print off the template do I need to enlarge it at a ratio of 3/16 inches to 1 full inch? 2. The roof on the top is it made out of prices glued together or one price that had indents in it and lastly 3. The largest prices on the upper half do they have a pattern pushed in before baking? Or was that just how it turned out?
<p>Okay question 1- No, it is not 3/16 to one full inch, it is 3/16 to one full foot. This is big. So if you measure this with a scale rule or an architect's ruler ( link to a free printable attached.) then you can figure it out and what to blow it up to. Sorry I don't have one handy or I would do it for ya.</p><p><a href="http://www.printablerulers.net/preview/Architect_Scale_12-inch" rel="nofollow">http://www.printablerulers.net/preview/Architect_S...</a></p><p>2 - okay roof on the top - I am looking at the pictures and there are several &quot;roofs&quot; as this is in a couple of sections. If you are talking about how I made them look like there were slats of wood, then yes I indented them before baking with the back of a knife. Step 4 of the instructable briefly touches on that. </p><p>3 - largest pieces on the upper half i did push in the details, again check out step 4 and the pictures in that step. I did go over them again just after I got them out of the oven to ensure that that any details that were lost were remphasisd, however be very careful as you could crack the piece, it has to be when it is still kind of hot, before it has cooled down. </p><p>hope that helps!</p>
<p>For the icing, that's 12 egg whites, right? I could see someone using the whole egg if they're not accustomed to baking.</p>
Absolutely phenomenal! Seriously, you should be very proud of this creation!
<p>Wow, this is amazing! I attempted a gingerbread Hogwarts castle last year (that somewhat turned out) but this is so much more impressive! Great job!</p>
<p>I really hope you didn't eat this it is so beautiful</p>
Every year around the holidays I come back and stare at this, haha. IT'S PERFECT
But still cool
That house burned down
hehe .. just saw it on <a href="http://9gag.com/gag/6168886" rel="nofollow">9gag</a> and knew right where it was from.
Way Cool! <br>
en un mot... heu... &quot;superbe&quot; ?... &quot;magnifique&quot; ?... je ne sais pas... mais j'ai bien peur de ne pas oser me pr&Atilde;&copy;senter pour le prochain concours : qu'est-ce que je pourrais faire de mieux ?!?... rien... <br>vraiment, j'adore !!!... o&Atilde;&sup1; avez-vous trouv&Atilde;&copy; le &quot;dessin&quot; de base ?... je n'ai lu que des romans (non illustr&Atilde;&copy;s), mais j'ai souvent &Atilde;&copy;t&Atilde;&copy; d&Atilde;&copy;&Atilde;&sect;ue des illustrations que j'ai pu voir, m&Atilde;&ordf;me dans les films : &Atilde;&sect;a ne ressemblait jamais &Atilde;&nbsp; ce que j'avais imagin&Atilde;&copy; !... alors que l&Atilde;&nbsp;... j'y suis !... je &quot;reconnais&quot; le &quot;Terrier&quot; (nom donn&Atilde;&copy; en fran&Atilde;&sect;ais), je suis chez les Weasley !... je m'attends &Atilde;&nbsp; voir Arthur traverser la cour... Harry, Ron et Hermione pr&Atilde;&copy;parer leurs plans dans un coin... et Molly sortir pour voir quelles b&Atilde;&ordf;tises les jumeaux sont en train de pr&Atilde;&copy;parer !... <br>en plus du travail que cela repr&Atilde;&copy;sente (y compris les jolis dessins et aquarelles !), de la cr&Atilde;&copy;ativit&Atilde;&copy;, de tous les &quot;efforts&quot;, mat&Atilde;&copy;riels et techniques, avant tout, vous m'avez fait r&Atilde;&ordf;ver !!!... alors, merci !...
Je vous remercie pour vos aimables paroles. S'il s'agit d'une mauvaise traduction, c'est parce que je suis en utilisant &quot;Google Translate&quot; pour vous envoyer une r&eacute;ponse. La &quot;base&quot; dessin est des films, en particulier le dernier film de Harry Potter. Quelques id&eacute;es ont &eacute;t&eacute; simplement imagin&eacute; et j'ai &eacute;t&eacute; un peu limit&eacute;e avec ce que je pouvais faire avec &quot;Gingerbread&quot;, mais il avait beaucoup de plaisir &agrave; faire et je suis si heureux que &ccedil;a vous a plu.
Not only do you WOW me, but you also share the wonderfully detailed &quot;how-to's&quot;. You are my hero!
This is the coolest use of <a href="http://www.canadianfavourites.com/Post_Shreddies_Regular_p/post001.htm" rel="nofollow">shreddies</a> I have ever seen. I am a big fan of the shreddies.
Nice illustrations!
This.. is.. awesome.. :)
An incredible feat of architecture! Fantastic!
wow that's amazing!
Hey Mezcraft: Had to get in my vote! Aunt Debby. Your Ginger bread house of the Weasle's is fantastic.
Thanks Aunt Debby!
This is amazing! I just love the illustrations you've used! It really brings the recipe to life! (corny right?) This is the most amazing gingerbread house I have ever seen!
Thank you very much! I think the drawings themselves have a good level of corniness to them as well, so corny is totally appropriate!
Yay corniness!!,
A great solution for not taking pictures while making it. Great illustrations! Love the house
I love it! You are very creative and you did a great job of bringing your imagination to life. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Maybe a book of gingerbread houses :)
I do keep looking at every house and wondering how to make it out of gingerbread... It can get addictive.
I think your artwork illustrating the project is as impressive as the project itself! Outstanding!
Thank you very much! Some of them I had a bit too much fun doing...
Fantastic!! I too loved the watercolors of your process. You have a great deal of talent and creativity. Pre building out of foam core is genius! Keep up the good work!
Thanks very much! I wasn't really sure about the watercolours, because everyone on here takes such fantastic photos of their work, I am very pleased to see that they were enjoyed! The foam core is really great because it is about the thickness of the gingerbread, so you really a get a true idea of how things are going to fit together!
this is amazing, well done
WOW! Amazing! Stupendous! Out of this world!
I am speechless, go on creating, you are great!!!
Its a beautiful!!!
I'll bet you have a wand and an owl brings your mail. This is astonishing. Brilliant!

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