Harry Potter - The Weasley's Burrow Gingerbread House

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Step 7: Assembly: Make a base, put on a bottom.

Picture of Assembly: Make a base, put on a bottom.

Using a large portion of the foamcore I made an organic earthy shape in which I covered in tin foil and taped down to the underside of the shape.

Now we start to build!

The "bottom" pieces which are the foundation for the whole thing are the first pieces to go on.

I then put a load of icing on the bottom edge of the “bottom” section of the house and propped it up with canned items sticking the "bottom" to the base. I put together the four walls and placed a bead of icing down the back of the seam between the two walls.  Once I had my four base walls setting up I left those for a day to TRULY harden. This I feel was crucial. The bottom section was the foundation for another 2 feet of gingerbread, so it had to be solid.