Harry Potter - The Weasley's Burrow Gingerbread House

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Step 9: Roof on the bottom Section

Picture of Roof on the bottom Section

After the bottom section was dry, I added on the side window extension, I then “Stuccoed” the entire bottom section and the base with icing that had been tinted a light brown. Once that dried I then started to put together the “bottom” roof section.

As this is still part of the foundation I wanted this on really well so I put a gingerbread piece ( let's call it a tab) on the inside of the bottom of the roof section so that when it was on an angle it wouldn’t slide down the wall. It also helps to keep the roof level or square(ish).  I let this dry completely. Then I put icing all along the top of the "bottom" section wall and placed my two side roof pieces on. Having the tabs there held them in place. Then I put icing at the top connecting the two roof pieces.

Then I added a couple gingerbread bracing pieces on the inside of my roof. ( Those are the three tabs on each side in the picture) so that when I put the front and back roof pieces on they had more surface to adhere to and they wouldn't just push inside the house.

I then coated all the seams with copious amounts of icing and let that dry overnight before I put the "top" section on.