Fun Foam Journal Cover With Harry Potter Theme




Introduction: Fun Foam Journal Cover With Harry Potter Theme

The legion of Harry potter fans is so vast and diverse that every now and then I come across such amazing merchandize that I love to keep. Here is my attempt to make a harry potter themed notebook/ diary. The same cover could be altered a little to make a tablet cover.

This cute fun foam project is perfect as a gift for either guys or girls.


Hardcover Notebook

Fun foam

Pieces of glitter foam


White Paper (for envelopes)

Xacto knife



Red color marker


Step 1: Cut the Foam for Cover

Cut the fun foam for cover

1. For outside of the cover: It is as large the cover plus 0.5 cm.

2. For inside of the cover: Same height but 7 cm shorter in width. Now cut this into half, so this is the place from where you will slide the notebook inside.

Step 2: Stitch the Pieces

Stitch the pieces of foam together using thread to do blanket stitch.

I have done blanket stitch because it looks fun and adds an interesting look. You can easily learn it on Youtube in no time.

Slide the notebook inside, be gentle until it is completely fitted.

Step 3: Draw on the Cover

Draw the shapes on cover. I have drawn the Hogwarts castle, an owl, and a wizarding hat.

Step 4: Cut Out the Shapes

With the help of an xacto knife cut out the shapes.

Stick glittered foam inside the shapes, you can slide the foam from inside the cover.

Step 5: Make the Front Banner

Use yellow fun foam to carved out ‘Mischief Managed’. Then color it red stripes using a marker to make Harry’s scarf.

This diary looks good to use at the moment but for embellishments I used paper envelopes.

Step 6: Make Paper Envelopes

Cut out paper in rectangles 3 cm by 1 cm.

Cut a triangle edge at one corner. Then fold the other side inwards and fold the cut out part over it.

Stick it and color a red dot over as a seal.

Step 7: Stick Envelopes

Stick these envelopes as if they are falling from the sky. You can add as many as you like.

There you have it!



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