This was a Christmas gift I made for a friend who knits lots of scarves, and is also, a Harry Potter fan.  

Step 1:

Tools I used:

Partworks 3.5 CAD/CAM software*
Shopbot 3 axis CNC router*
Drill Press*
Corded Drill
Disc and Belt Sander*
Dremel tool
Sandpaper ( 80,120,320, and 600 grit)
Paintbrushes ( various sizes)

*these tools used at Fab Lab Tulsa : )

Materials I used.

2' by 4' Oak veneered plywood
1//4 inch wooden dowels
Acrylic liquid paint (gold, black, red, blue, and green)
wood and metal clothes hanger
Red Oak Wood Finish
Polycrylic spray sealer

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