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Introduction: Harry Potter Themed Scarf

FYI: I do not, in any way, begin to claim that I own the rights to anything Harry Potter. If I did I wouldn't be working two jobs and trying to pay off student loan debt! But enough of me blabbing... on to the fun stuff!


Needle: #8 circular knitting needles

Yarn: Two colors in your choice of house. For those who are super serious about this and are afraid of choosing the wrong colors, I've done the leg work for you:
-Gryffindor: Main color (MC): Red Heart Burgundy #376. Secondary color (SC): Red Heart Gold #321
  - Book Version MC: Red Heart Soft Navy #387 SC: Red Heart Pumpkin #254
  - Movie Version MC: Red Heart Soft Navy #387 SC: Red Heart Grey Heather #400
-Hufflepuff: MC: Red Heart Yellow #324 SC: Red Heart Black #312
-Slytherin: MC: Red Heart Hunter Green #389. SC: Red Heart Grey Heather #400

Cast on 50 stitches in the main color (MC). Join together. (There are many different ways to join together. The way I do it, take the last stitch on your right needle and slip it onto your left. Take what is now the second stitch on the left needle and slip it over the first. Now treat it as the 50th stitch instead of the first.)

Knit 35 rows in MC. Join together the last row. (Joining together the last row will help keep the different color rows even so that you don't have a crimson row turning into a gold row.) Add on the secondary color (SC).

**Knit 4 rows in SC. Join the last row. Switch to MC and stitch 4 rows. Join the last row. Switch to the SC and knit 4 rows, joining the last row together. Finally, switch back to MC and knit 35 rows, joining the last row together. 

Repeat from ** 4 times. Cast off. 

Time to fringe! Hooray! Folding the scarf on itself, we are going to fringe together the ends. this will make the scarf double think and double warm. Each fringe will have 3 8" strings of yarn. 2 in MC and 1 in SC. I joined stitches together every other stitch. So basically gather together the 3 strings for the first fringe. Fold in half. Put this loop through the first set of stitches and pull the ends through the loop till tight. Repeat every other set of stitches. I used 24 sets of of fringe, 12 for each end of the scarf. 

And now you can show off your Harry Potter fandom with pride!



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    I’m modeling that scarf for Hufflepuff colors. However, I plan to use Bernat Softee Chunky yarn. For the Red Heart you used, what was your gauge swatch—no. of rows and stitches per 4”. With that, I can modify mine. Also, what was the total length of the scarf minus the fringe? Also what was the width of the scarf?
    Thank you or anyone else that can help me. My friend fell in love with that photo. And I’m the knitter.


    I'm still in the process of making it (I'm just over half way) with straight needles. I had to adjust it to 36 rows of MC to keep the colour changes identical but the rest of its the same and it's working really well :) I'm doing Hufflepuff for my friend, but I'm already commissioned for a Gryffindor and a Ravenclaw scarf for my cousin and sibling.


    love the scarf :D Im modelling my Hufflepuff (Im the ONLY one at NC State xD though technically Im a Huffle-dor) after this one :) the red parts of yours will be black on mine :)

    I'm sure it turned out beautifully!

    To be honest I barely started it lol, I got busy with school and then life (but now I really wanna get back on it)

    Very good pattern, I love it. But if I wanted to make the year 1 scarf, would I still do 35 rows for each color until it reaches the desired length?

    Sorry for my late response. Life has gotten in the way.

    If you are still looking for the answer to this, I would do about 35 rows of MC, then 35 rows of SC, repeating the blocks until you have 5 or 7 blocks depending on how long you want it. Happy knitting!

    Awesome! P.S. I like you shirt!

    By joining together do you mean knitting the row after casting on? And i want to do the book one version so how manu rows of MC and SC should i do?

    Sorry for my late response. Life has gotten in the way.

    Hopefully you have figured it out or are still willing to try. I don't really know how else to explain it. So sorry. But I did find this video and they seem to do a good job with it :) https://youtu.be/S-b8hLdPiQU

    Also, I would keep the same row counts. But feel free to be creative. JK never completely described them, so in my opinion you cannot be wrong :)