Picture of Harry Potter Wand with a Dragon Heartstring Core
One day while I was reading a Harry Potter book, I had the idea to make a replica wand out of wood. I searched online, but none of them that I found had any types of 'Cores' in them. So I decided to just start building and see what happened. I ended up cutting a small rectangular piece of wood in half, gouging out a channel in the center. I cut a strip of red fabric and put it in the channel. I glued it back together and sanded it until it somewhat resembled a wand. The I stained it to give it an authentic look. It doesn't look that real on the outside, but I will create a new wand that does.
gorilla07473 years ago
Thats pretty cool. Try putting a bit more detail on the handle...
Pettrocity (author)  gorilla07472 years ago
Yeah, I didn't really end up going off an actual design, it was more a snap decision to make it. If I were to make another, I would make it look more like one from the books.
icalio3 years ago
Fantastic, although I would suggest using (if you like <3) a string of Snapdragon root for the core. ;o
Pettrocity (author)  icalio2 years ago
Now I just have to find some Snapdragon root!
alindley2 years ago
This is great. I was trying to work out how I could put an LED in the end of a wand, with the battery and switch in the other, but I couldn't work out how to get the wires from one end to the other, but this is a good idea, thanks.
Pettrocity (author)  alindley2 years ago
That is a very cool idea. In mine, I cut the whole thing in half, and cut out a channel down the middle. Perhaps you could do something similar. Depending on how large the battery is (small button cell sized), it is possible that you could drill up through the bottom using a bit that is smaller than the diameter of the wand and attach the wires to it. To seal it back up, you could place some kind of wood putty over it. Very good idea.
For the core u could use a horse hair from a bow of some sort of instrument i myself would just hunt down a horse but for u mortals it might be a bit harder
janpogi094 years ago
Nice wand now im trying to make a paper wand like that design...,.
Pettrocity (author)  janpogi094 years ago
That's a very cool idea!
Iridium74 years ago
Make this a slideshow, not an 'ible. But that looks really good :)
Pettrocity (author)  Iridium74 years ago
What do you mean, a slideshow? Thanks!