Step 6: Gold Leaf 2

Now apply sections of gold leaf over the letters. I use a scalpel and a fairly stiff brush for this process. The scalpel to remove the leaf from the backing paper, then the brush to push the leaf into the letter's edges.  The leaf should stick nicely to the "open" size.

Cover each letter with a section of leaf.
<p>Where can I find a book to do this with? Etsy maybe? Anyone have any ideas?</p>
<p>maybe an encyclopedia, or any kind of large books like a dictionary ect. you can find them at target big W Kmart and just any local book store.</p>
<p>I have been going to yard sales recently and found old dictionaries and a hunter's encyclopedia. I bet you can find some from yard sales or second hand shops. </p>
<p>Awsome! Could coca powder go as a substitute for saw shavings?</p>
<p>I made this but a little differently, still cool though. You can check my method at theashblogg.com . Anyways, this looks so realistic!</p>
Did you do anything to the spine, aside from the last steps with the wax etc? These are BRILLIANT. I'm dying to make something like this, but with blank pages (antiqued &amp; distressed) to create an amazing one-of-a-kind journal. Any ideas, without ruining the spine? Thanks!
<p>HOW TO CURE THE MOLDY SMELL IN WATER DAMAGED BOOKS: First, I want to say THANK YOU for including the step to carefully choose a book to destroy.... and that is not a job for a youngster to decide! One suggestion I would like to make is concerning using old damaged books that might smell &quot;musty&quot; or &quot;moldy.&quot; I have very often caught a bad cold after reading an old book that had water damage and smelled moldy. I recently found a way to kill the germs or molds in the old book to make it safe to read again without getting sick. I just place the book in an oven for a couple hours and bake at a LOW temperature for a couple hours... like 200 degrees. The book will not catch fire because paper catches fire at 512f degrees. But the molds are killed and the book is safe to read again without getting sick. I like your instructable a lot. </p>
<p>Ovens! I have not heard of that one before. Here are three different powders I have heard of for treating mildew damaged books. Sorry I can't say one is better or worse than the other. I don't have that much experience removing mildew.<br><br>Borax, <br>baking soda, <br>salt (though it may react unfavorably with some papers).</p>
<p>Cool idea for the title! Shared.</p>
<p>Great idea and execution! </p>
<p>Very Cool! I'll do &quot;Tales of Merlin&quot;</p>
<p>Truly amazing! Gold leaf and all!</p>
Brilliant Pete, just brilliant!!:)
Very cool!
<p>Thank you. I am 51 and my daughter and I read all the books watched all the movies</p>
<p>MERLIN'S BEARD! that's AWESOME! </p>
Eeee :)
I love this tutorial so much! I want to try it on a new hard cover notebook for a friend to write his poems in :)
Awesome Work... Thanks
Awesome!!! My kids are totally Harry Potter fans and all they didn't have we're the books ... now they do
Hi i was wondering if you could use mod podge glue for the gold leaf stage?
If you just cut out the letters only on the paper, and then spray paint the book gold, would that look good? Because I only have gold spray paint. (Ofcourse i would protect the book so the cover wont get gold all over it)
This is great! I'm planning on doing this to one of the old encyclopedias I'm trying to get rid of. After making it look like an old spellbook (or maybe another book on the list), I'm going to cut out the pages and turn the inside into a holder for a calculator, pen, pencil, eraser, and lead so I don't have to take my entire bag to a final exam.
Wow thats a great idea
106555 views nice!!
Omg this is amazing just started mine to day keep up the good work<br>
What font did you use for the Potions book Moste Potente Potions?
This is so cool! But could you please tell me how to change what's on the pages inside? I want to make them authentic
you can get info on taking out the pages and putting in new on-line. Basicly, cut out the old pages from the inside of the book. (one good slice at the spine on eather side will do it. Then cheet and get a ream of paper from the office store that has the look you want. (the tea and bake method just take to long) Print what you want. Clamp the pages leaving about 1 1/2 to 2 inches sticking out of the clamp. flex the pages one way painting a non shrinking glue with the bend and then bend it the other way and do it again. Let it dry for a while (an hour or two). Use wax paper, or something that will not stick, against the clamp and shift the glued ends down so that it will dry without warpingor cerving as it dries. Next get 2 inside cover pages for the insides. They should be as tall as the book pages but twice the length. Fold them in half and then glue the edge agains the spine about a 1/4 inch more than the pages where glued. Then take a peice of fabric and use a glue gun to atatch it up the spine of the pages for extra support. Next, use more of that non shrinking pager glue (Any craft store) and attach the other half of the inside cover page to the cover of the book. Paint the glue on the whole back side of that page and smooth it down.Press with heavy book till it all dries adn there you go. (try bing - book binding techniques, videos. That should get you some results to help.)
As Ron Weasley would say, &quot;This is bloody brilliant!&quot; <br> <br>Here is my attempt: <br> <br>http://mrsohtobe.blogspot.com/2011/08/shhhh.html
I can't wait to try this! But I think I'll try a Discworld title...
Oh my gosh! This is so complicated! You must be so smart to figure out how to do this!
This is phenomenal. I can't wait to try it!
Sell these on etsy. I'll buy a couple.
Just amazing! It's the one item I would buy as it looks authentic and now it may be possible to make it myself, I can hardly believe my luck. Thank you!!!
Wow. I am absolutely blown away by this. You took those poor, ruined books and turned them into something worthy of displaying! Such an inspiration...<br><br>Thank you so much for sharing this! Now I've got one more task on my list of things to do...
Oh my! I really have to try that! 8D Thanks for the tutorial! &hearts;
Great! Thumbs up!!
I am only 13 and I use 'very sharp scalpels' regularly in my dissections (best way to learn about the body) and in construction.<br />
i am also 13, and use scalpels for modeling, and half the time unintentionally dissecting myself.<br />
im 14 and i use scapels 2
im 15 now d
I'm a 13 year old girl and I use scapels for modelling, dissection and craft. I can usually NOT dissecting myself, but my mum probably wouldn't let me near either her books or a scapel.
I'm hoping that you are not harming live animals of any sort in order to dissect them. You can get organs of large animals from any real butcher shop - try kidneys, while reading about the transfers of solutes through membranes and the structures of kidneys in a college bio book. Maybe your school has dissecting scopes you can use in your investigations, or you can get an old on on eBay. In summer, I&nbsp;suggest trying dissecting flowers, seed pods, leaves, branches, etc. as well.
corse not, love animals, and i did plant biology over 5 years ago.<br />
I'm definately looking forward to outfitting my Hogwarts outfit with the proper spellbooks!

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