Harry Potter's Favorite Treacle Tart

Picture of Harry Potter's Favorite Treacle Tart
Well, as far as this being Harry Potter's favorite treacle tart of all treacle tarts, that might be an overstatement.  After all, it's difficult--if not downright impossible--to match the mastery of the Hogwarts house-elves or the magical air of the Great Hall.  Fans will know, however, that treacle tart is a favorite dessert of Harry's.  Unfortunately, few in the US know the deliciousness of this British treat.  Luckily, it's not difficult to make.
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Step 1: Tart Pastry

Picture of Tart Pastry

2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 cup granulated white sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 cup cold butter, cut into small pieces (leave in refrigerator until needed)
2 egg yolks
1/4 - 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2 Tbsp. lemon juice

Whisk together the egg yolks, 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract and lemon juice in a small mixing bowl.  In a medium mixing bowl, add together the flour, sugar and salt.  Put both bowls in refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

Put the dry ingredients in the food processor and pulse to combine (or if a food processor is not an option, mix it by hand).  Add the butter and pulse (or cut in with a pastry blender) until texture resembles course crumbs.  Put the mixture back into the medium mixing bowl and pour the small mixing bowl with the liquid ingredients over it.  Stir just until combined.  If dough doesn't pinch together add up to another 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream a tablespoon at a time until it does pinch together.

Turn the dough out onto your clean work surface and divide in two.  Shape each half into a flattened disc and plastic wrap it.  Refrigerate for at least 2 hours (use with in 3 days).

Place one disc onto a well-floured work surface (tart dough is very sticky).  Flour the top of the disc generously and the rolling pin.  Roll the dough out so you have a 12" diameter.  Roll from the center out, and rotate the dough occasionally to avoid sticking.  Use a pastry brush to dust off the excess flour, and gently fold the dough in half.  Dust the side facing up as well and gently fold in half again.  Dust the showing quarter, turn over and likewise dust.  Transfer the dough to a 9" tart pan and unfold.  Gently push the pastry dough into the corners without stretching.  Any tearing that occurs, use your fingers to patch back together.  Roll the rolling pin over the pan edges to remove the excess dough.  Refrigerate for about 30 minutes.

Roll the second disc out similarly.  Cut 1/2" strips (pizza cutter works nicely) and place on a parchment lined cookie sheet.  Refrigerate for about 30 minutes.

I made this when my British guy friend and his brother visited this summer. And they loved it. I actually tried to make the golden syrup, but I failed. ha So I had to go buy it. But it still ended up really good. :)

Definitely going to have to make this!! Treacle tart us one of my favs from when I visited England.

Thanks for great instructions!
You don't need to buy black treacle. Just use molasses. Same thing.
TheGeek19842 years ago
This looks great and I'd love to make it, only, what is 'golden syrup' and where can I get it? I do a lot of baking and I've never seen it before. Is it closer to honey or corn syrup, and if it is similar to one of them, could I substitute one of them for it?
kathrynl (author)  TheGeek19842 years ago
Golden syrup is inverted sugar syrup. It is common in the UK, and Lyle's Golden Syrup is also available in many grocery stores in the US. I think I bought mine at either Whole Foods or The Fresh Market. You can also order it from Amazon:

The golden syrup has a wonderful sweet and buttery flavor that truly makes this tart so delicious, so I would not use a substitute for this recipe. If you are to make a substitution though, instead of 1 cup golden syrup, use 2/3 cup light corn syrup and 1/3 cup molasses.

If you spring for the golden syrup, consider also making some pecan pie with it instead of corn syrup. It's amazing.
This was the first time I tried making or eating treacle tart, and it came out really good! Very moist and buttery. My only problem was that the dough was very fragile. I had problems rolling it out - it kept cracking in the middle while I rolled, which has never happened before. I also had a hard time getting the lattice pieces to stay together, even when chilled.
kathrynl (author)  rubyweapon85033 years ago
I'm glad you liked the tart. The dough can be difficult to work with. I'm not an expert, but if it's cracking, perhaps it needed a bit more liquid.
sunshiine3 years ago
Thank you for sharing your hard work! This looks so good! The pictures are awesome!
SageMinto3 years ago
I love the pics! I am drooling over here! lol.
I can't wait to try this!! :P
mrslambert4 years ago
Yum! Can't wait to try this. Maybe for the new HP movie this summer. :)
michaelg2514 years ago
Looks great Kathrynl...if you could please share your recipe with all the Potter fans on MuggleNet. There is an effort afoot to gather tasty Potter-inspired recipes!
kathrynl (author)  michaelg2514 years ago
I finally got around to submitting the recipe to MuggleNet. Thanks for letting me know about it.
maltesergr84 years ago
I had Treacle Tart when visiting England; I have to say it's the BEST dessert I've EVER tasted!!

Thanks for great recipe ;-)
GBMorris4 years ago
Is this the same thing that a North American would call a "butter tart"?
kathrynl (author)  GBMorris4 years ago
No, it's not the same. To the best of my knowledge, butter tart filling includes butter, brown sugar, egg, and maybe some other ingredients. I've never tried this Canadian treat, but it looks and sounds very good.
are these american measurments ? English ones are different. thanks
kathrynl (author)  spark master4 years ago
They are American measurements.
canida4 years ago
Ooh, that looks delicious! Beautiful pictures.
YellerKitty4 years ago
Amazon also carries Lyle's Black Treacle for $5.46 per 1 lb can, or you can substitute dark unsulphured molasses, which is pretty commonly available. I can't WAIT to try this ... sounds yummy. I'll probably up the 'pinch' of ginger to about a quarter teaspoon. Thanks so much for sharing this.
Biggsy4 years ago
You have created my favorite cake/pudding... and being a diabetic, it's a good and ehalthy one ;)

I'll take an order of four please ;)
Nice recipe, but can you really call it a "treacle tart" if there's no treacle in it?
kathrynl (author)  Mr. Potato Head4 years ago
According to Wikipedia, golden syrup is a pale treacle, so yes, you can still call it a treacle tart.
It appears that treacle is molasses: a syrup derived from the refinement of sugar. Thus a mild molasses would be roughly equivalent to Black Treacle. See the wikipedia page.

You might try substituting corn syrups as well.
OldDogVT4 years ago
Black treacle: 1 lb can of Lyle's @ for $7.99, plus shipping

Why the fresh lemon juice and zest in Step 2, but that awful bottled stuff in Step 1?
kathrynl (author)  OldDogVT4 years ago
I know, shame on me. I forgot to buy the lemon earlier, and I was feeling lazy. Tastes good anyway.