Step 2: Treacle Filling


1 cup golden syrup
(1 Tbsp. black treacle)*
2 cups of fresh bread crumbs (about 3-4 pieces of bread cut up and then put in the food processor)
Zest of 1 lemon
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Pinch of ginger

* Note on the black treacle: I omitted this, as it is difficult to find in the US, but the tart is tasty even without it.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Pour the golden syrup in a small mixing bowl and add the black treacle.  Place the bowl in a larger mixing bowl with shallow hot tap water for about 10 minutes.  Add the bread crumbs, lemon rind, lemon juice and ginger, and mix by hand with the small bowl remaining in the hot water bath.
<p>Black treacle is basically molasses. You can use dark molasses, sorghum, or dark Karo instead if you can't find authentic British black treacle.</p><p>If you like this treacle tart, try your hand at a shoo-fly pie. You can use different kinds of syrups for it, from dark molasses to Karo to table syrup (I get King's). Instead of the crumbs, you use an egg and about 3/4 tsp of baking soda. It bakes up to be sweet and soft and yummy, almost like custard. I was amazed to see this goopy, runny stuff turn into a fluffy and sweet filling as it baked. There's lots of recipes for it...I like Alton Brown's.</p>
<p>I'm not sure what happened, but I don't have a dough I have a gooey, runny, mess. There is no way this is the right consistency. What am I doing wrong?</p>
<p>This has been my favourite 'comfort' dessert for years. The only one that can compete with chocolate based desserts. I serve it hot with custard. The filling on this recipe is much the same as the one I am familiar with. However, the pastry is much different. I like the look of your pastry recipe and I will try it soon to find out how it compares. </p>
<p>This has been my favourite 'comfort' dessert for years. The only one that can compete with chocolate based desserts. I serve it hot with custard. The filling on this recipe is much the same as the one I am familiar with. However, the pastry is much different. I like the look of your pastry recipe and I will try it soon to find out how it compares. </p>
So yummy! Found Golden Syrup at Cost Plus - World Market. <br><br>The crust was amazingly flaky and buttery. Kind of in shock I made it!
<p>This turned out very well! The crust was especially good. I used molasses in place of the black treacle. I'll definitely make this tart again. Now if only I could find a cheaper source for the golden syrup here in Florida... :)</p>
<p>Fairway has it for a good price but mostly i buy it from Amazon...best price and if you have Amazon Prime it will even ship for free :)</p>
<p>I made this when my British guy friend and his brother visited this summer. And they loved it. I actually tried to make the golden syrup, but I failed. ha So I had to go buy it. But it still ended up really good. :)</p>
Definitely going to have to make this!! Treacle tart us one of my favs from when I visited England.<br><br>Thanks for great instructions!<br>Beth
You don't need to buy black treacle. Just use molasses. Same thing.
This looks great and I'd love to make it, only, what is 'golden syrup' and where can I get it? I do a lot of baking and I've never seen it before. Is it closer to honey or corn syrup, and if it is similar to one of them, could I substitute one of them for it?
Golden syrup is inverted sugar syrup. It is common in the UK, and Lyle's Golden Syrup is also available in many grocery stores in the US. I think I bought mine at either Whole Foods or The Fresh Market. You can also order it from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lyles-Golden-Syrup-454g/dp/B0001590BY <br> <br>The golden syrup has a wonderful sweet and buttery flavor that truly makes this tart so delicious, so I would not use a substitute for this recipe. If you are to make a substitution though, instead of 1 cup golden syrup, use 2/3 cup light corn syrup and 1/3 cup molasses. <br> <br>If you spring for the golden syrup, consider also making some pecan pie with it instead of corn syrup. It's amazing.
This was the first time I tried making or eating treacle tart, and it came out really good! Very moist and buttery. My only problem was that the dough was very fragile. I had problems rolling it out - it kept cracking in the middle while I rolled, which has never happened before. I also had a hard time getting the lattice pieces to stay together, even when chilled.
I'm glad you liked the tart. The dough can be difficult to work with. I'm not an expert, but if it's cracking, perhaps it needed a bit more liquid.
Thank you for sharing your hard work! This looks so good! The pictures are awesome!
I love the pics! I am drooling over here! lol. <br>I can't wait to try this!! :P
Yum! Can't wait to try this. Maybe for the new HP movie this summer. :)
Looks great Kathrynl...if you could please share your recipe with all the Potter fans on MuggleNet. There is an effort afoot to gather tasty Potter-inspired recipes!
I finally got around to submitting the recipe to MuggleNet. Thanks for letting me know about it.
I had Treacle Tart when visiting England; I have to say it's the BEST dessert I've EVER tasted!! <br><br>Thanks for great recipe ;-)
Is this the same thing that a North American would call a &quot;butter tart&quot;?
No, it's not the same. To the best of my knowledge, butter tart filling includes butter, brown sugar, egg, and maybe some other ingredients. I've never tried this Canadian treat, but it looks and sounds very good.
are these american measurments ? English ones are different. thanks
They are American measurements.
Ooh, that looks delicious! Beautiful pictures.
Amazon also carries Lyle's Black Treacle for $5.46 per 1 lb can, or you can substitute dark unsulphured molasses, which is pretty commonly available. I can't WAIT to try this ... sounds yummy. I'll probably up the 'pinch' of ginger to about a quarter teaspoon. Thanks so much for sharing this.<br>*&not;&loz;
You have created my favorite cake/pudding... and being a diabetic, it's a good and ehalthy one ;)<br><br>I'll take an order of four please ;)
Nice recipe, but can you really call it a &quot;treacle tart&quot; if there's no treacle in it?
According to Wikipedia, golden syrup is a pale treacle, so yes, you can still call it a treacle tart.
It appears that treacle is molasses: a syrup derived from the refinement of sugar. Thus a mild molasses would be roughly equivalent to Black Treacle. See the wikipedia page.<br><br>You might try substituting corn syrups as well.
Black treacle: 1 lb can of Lyle's @ igourmet.com for $7.99, plus shipping<br><br>Why the fresh lemon juice and zest in Step 2, but that awful bottled stuff in Step 1?
I know, shame on me. I forgot to buy the lemon earlier, and I was feeling lazy. Tastes good anyway.

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