Introduction: Harvest Basket (Garden Trug)

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This is a simple design built from reclaimed wood and purchased ¼” wood slats. It cost very little and only took a couple of hours to complete the build. The goal was light weight, shallow and wide for collecting leafy vegetables, easy to handle and somewhat attractive. If pallets are used, see pallet safety link here.

Video of the Build:

Step 1: Tools/Materials


  • Jig or band saw
  • Drill and 9/16” bit
  • Hammer or Nail Gun
  • Sander


  • 1/2" x 5" x 4'
  • 1.5" x 1/4" x 8' (x3)
  • Nails
  • Glue
  • Stain or Paint (optional)
  • Rope (1/2” diameter, by 6’)

Step 2: You Will Be Building to This Drawing

Picture of You Will Be Building to This Drawing

Step 3: Cut Wood

Picture of Cut Wood

A table saw was used for all of the straight cuts. Cut the sides to 24” and the slats to 12”

Step 4: Mark Arc

Picture of Mark Arc

Use a string to mark the arc as shown. Note that the arc intersects the corners.

Step 5: Cut Arc

Picture of Cut Arc

Attach the two 24” sides together with a nails or screws on the parts that will be removed. Use a jig or band saw to cut the arc.

Step 6: Attach Slats

Picture of Attach Slats

Glue and nail the slats as shown. I used an extra slat to achieve uniform spacing. Note that the dimensions didn’t work out exactly. I had to reduce the gaps slightly on the last four slats.

Step 7: Drill Rope Holes

Picture of Drill Rope Holes

Drill 9/16” holes as shown in Step 3.

Step 8: Sand

Picture of Sand

Sand completed assembly.

Step 9: Stain (optional)

Picture of Stain (optional)

This is a homemade stain made from ¼ cup instant coffee and 5 drops of red food coloring. These ingredients were mixed with ½ cup of water.

Step 10: Add Rope

The handles were made from ½” rope. Feed rope through holes and tie knots on the inner sides.

Step 11: Final Product

Picture of Final Product

Step 12: Enjoy the Harvest

Picture of Enjoy the Harvest


tomatoskins (author)2015-03-14

This looks great! I love the simplicity of the design. Looks like anyone can make it with some basic tools.

mtairymd (author)tomatoskins2015-03-14

Thank you. Yes, it's a really easy build. Nice project for kids.

loony1 (author)2015-05-12

You could retain the man card by stating that you built it for your wife/mother/sister as a gift. Additionally, you automatically get it back with that stain; what a great idea! Nice, simple project with nice rewards.

mtairymd (author)loony12015-05-12

Thank you. It was for my wife :).

twelveben (author)2015-03-21

I love that stain! Great idea and food-safe, too.

berserkyard (author)2015-03-20

Its neat :)

SnazzyBot (author)2015-03-20

I love that stain! Great idea and food-safe, too.

tinaciousz (author)2015-03-19

Stunning work. Soon I'll be the envy of all the other ladies at the farmers market!

mtairymd (author)tinaciousz2015-03-20

I'm going to lose my man card for that comment but I'm glad you liked it :).

trailogy (author)2015-03-14

I love it! I like the home made stain that you used.

mtairymd (author)trailogy2015-03-14


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