"Hasty" Workbench Light Mounting


Introduction: "Hasty" Workbench Light Mounting

I found a telescoping fluorescent light with no mount/base for it.  So, I figured out a way to mount it to my work table and give it full functionality.

Basically, take a wide wood bit, drill it perfectly straight into the corner of  the table and insert the light into the hole.

Quick. Easy. Free.  



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    Mine isn't a rigid fix (i only had 1 size bit) but it works and I'm not constantly moving the light around. I suppose if I had to stiffen up the light I could wrap the anchor point in duck tape.

    I use a similar set up in my garage shop.

    I took a 6"/15cm 2x4/5cmx10cm piece of scrap and drilled a hole for the tab at the base of the light.  I put the lamp in the scrap then I clamp the scrap wherever I need the light. 

    It was originally just a quick and dirty improvisation that I intended to replace but it works so well and is so flexible that I just left it as is.