Step 4: OOOPS!

Usually, if I make a mistake, I fix it, and re-do the instructable. This time, I thought it would be good to show how to fix a problem area.

I cut the hole in the brim in an oblong shape, instead of a round shape. It really doesn't matter except that the hole is too big for the top part of the hat.

To fix this, I cut 2 moon-shaped pieces and sewed them to the sides of the inner circle, making the hold smaller.

After pinning this several times, it's best to pin one side, go directly across to the other side and then pin it. Work back and forth across the circle until it's all pinned.
Pinning it in order kept giving me gathered fabric at the end.

It would be best to put on any embelishments before sewing the top of the hat. Anything I add after attaching the brim, has to be handsewn. It was very difficult to do, and resulted in it not being as straight as I wanted it to be.
<p>Love this! I'll be making one for sure!</p>
this helped me make my own hat, mines more desert survival looking, but this really helped me. great idea. :)
Oh! I can't wait to do this. I have a lot of pants that don't fit me anymore and I have a pair of black striped pants that would look really good as a witch hat and broom. If only they had three legs! LOL
Can't wait to see it:-)
thank u for teaching us.amazing.i made one.
That is awesome! Keep up the good work!
<strong>Haha, I love this one! It's wonderful!</strong>
turned out great !&nbsp; The problem with a really neat homemade costume is that you end up wearing it for the next 20 yrs !&nbsp;

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