Hat Rack Wall Mounted





Introduction: Hat Rack Wall Mounted

I wanted to hang my hats on the wall of my bedroom, but the simple hooks deform them.
So, I decided to make specific "hooks" for my hats.

Step 1: What You Need

To make this you need :

- Ruler and pencil
- Metal sheets (here aluminium 180x70x0.5 mm)
- Hand shears or a strong pair of scissors
- Power drill with a drill for metals
- Clamps
- Sandpaper
- Personel Protective Equipment (PPE)

Step 2: Cut and Drill

I used sheets of aluminium which had this dimension : 180x70x0,5 (mm)
After draw on it I used a strong pair of scissors (I know a hand shears could be better), to cut it like in the sketch.

Then I make a hole with a power drill.

Next, I used a piece of sandpaper to soften the edge.

Step 3: Shaped

To shaped the sheet of metal, I used a bottle with a smaller diameter than the one I wanted to obtain : Ø75mm for about Ø120mm.

Next I bent the part which will be used to hang the hat rack on the wall.

Step 4: Do It Again

Step 5: Hang Them

Enjoy your work !



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This is great!

I love the simple idea--it's an invisible hat rack! And the clean look of the wall with your hats on it is terrific.

Functional decor!


Thanks a lot !

Humm just a question, do you see the animated GIFs on the two last pictures ? That doesn't work for me...

Nope, just a blank wall!


I don't understand why that doesn't work, I'll look at that. In the meantime I'll put standard pictures.