Introduction: HatBox Ghost

Okay so I'm a huge fan of the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney Land and the HatBox Ghost is one of my favorites! I hope you guys enjoy this! subscribe to help support my art!!! <3

Step 1: Outline

Picture of Outline

Much like a ALWAYS do I took a white eyeliner pencil and sketch out my look on my face.

Step 2: Base

Picture of Base

I took a white body paint from Mehron to use as the base all over my face. I kept the mouth and eyes clear though because I will be using black there.

Step 3: Light Details

Picture of Light Details

Using a teal eyeshadow, I used Heads Will Role from Urban Decay, to just lightly map out all his detals such as his wrinkles, nose, brow area, ect.

Step 4: Eyes

Picture of Eyes

His eyes are surrounded by black, so I took a black body paint from Mehron and went around both eyes. One eye is up higher then the other as is he was raising his eyebrow at you.

Step 5: Mouth

Picture of Mouth

His mouth is pretty simple. I took a white body paint from Mehron and first added the teeth, then I took a black body paint from Mehron and outlined all the teeth and added the 'lips', lastly I took a brown shadow to shadow the teeth mainly the back teeth.

Step 6: Ouline

Picture of Ouline

I took a teal body paint from Mehron to outline all the shadow I put down on my face.

Step 7: Black

Picture of Black

Using a very little bit of eyeshadow from urban decay called blackout I lightly added it all around my face to deepen the shadows a tad.

Step 8: Body

Picture of Body

Using that white eyeliner I sketched out the jacket he wears.

Step 9: Painting It In

Picture of Painting It In

So I painted it in, in sections. I started with the neck. I used white as the base then i used the teal and black eyeshadow. I did the same for the whole body I just detailed according the the character.

Step 10: Same

Picture of Same

One again just filling in the rest of the body.

Step 11: GLOW

Picture of GLOW

This is where I added some UV paint. I used white and green.


gm280 (author)2017-05-04

As usual I watched you do the face and your ability to make things look 3D still amazes me. I seen you do the cheek areas, and then they look protruded to the point that it is believable that they are sticking out. Your shadowing is everything.

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