Step 2: Place fake-eggs in a nest and wait

Picture of place fake-eggs in a nest and wait
Place about 5 fake eggs ( for example pottery or rubber eggs) in a normal nest in you chicken coop.

WAIT! until one of your precious hens decides to be a mommy :)

you can be sure, that you have a broody hen when she:
- ruffles her feathers
- makes noises that remind of water in a bottle ( "glug glug")
- leaves the nest only for a few minutes a day and returns to the eggs very fast
- gets angry when you come near her ( she picks)

zappa1233 years ago
My black hen has been sitting on donated fertilised eggs for 21 days today. She is outside under a bush and it has been raining constantly for 2 days now. I feel so sorry for her as its quite cold to for the time of year. Should I put her and the eggs into the coop or bring them into the house or just wait and see what happens. I am literally having nightmares! Should I just let nature take its course, will the eggs hatch under her, or should I intervene? I only got the 2 chickens last Aug and she only started laying in April. Please help,
Mimikry (author)  zappa1233 years ago
Hej zappa,

don't do anything right now, if it's the 21th day by now, you should not interrupt her at all. The chicks should hatch any minute now.
only thing you could do, is to protect her from rain.

also a good thing to do, is to build a provisional fence or something around her, without disturbing her to much.
2 reasons: 1 to protect the chicks from magpies
and 2, it's easier to catch her and the chicks, to get them in the coop, once they hatched ( wait until the hen raises and leaves the nest).

there is one more solution - don't do anything and let the hen do the job and hope for blind magpies... but i think you'll loose some chicks that way.

Good luck to you and your becoming mother :)
Mirime4 years ago
The second pic is a very common one at our farm in the spring and summer. that evil glare.....(shudders)