Step 6: Candling Eggs

Picture of Candling Eggs
after 7 days it's time for candling the eggs.
you'll need

an egg carton
a strong flashlight
a pencil
a really dark room

while the hen is away from the nest, take all eggs carefully and lay them into the egg carton.
carry them to your dark room and light through the eggs (like shown below)
my camera is not good enough so click on this link to see what we are looking after.

In a fertilzed egg you should see a small dark point with smal spiderweb- lines around.

mark all eggs if they are fertilized or unclear and out them back into the carton.
lay them back into the nest and repeat this step in abaout 3 or 4 days, if the unclear eggs still show nothing, discard them, don't worry, there's no life in there! ( if you have a dog you know what to do :D )
why discard? - the unfertilized eggs can rot and the gases/or moisture can kill the unhatched chicks around.

Sure you can choose to candling the eggs every day, but i think it's quite risky to move the eggs more than neccessary.