Hats for the Homeless





Introduction: Hats for the Homeless

The following hats and more to come are to be distributed to the homeless in Seattle. I use Lion Brand Vanna's Choice, medium weight; it is soft and washable. I intersperse different colors whenever the moment takes me there to make each hat individual.



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    Where can I send the hats that I have made to help the homeless for winter

    Awesome! They are so needed and appreciated. God bless you.

    How do we get involved? Our church group has this goal to knit 100 hats a year and donate them at wintertime. I bet we can do socks too. Where do we bring them?

    If you want to help folks out, remember the word 'HUGS': Hat, Underwear, Gloves, Socks. The first of the month when i have some funds, I hit the local dollar store and grab as many sets of socks, hats and gloves as I can. Then I hit the local "Big Chain Store" for a couple of packs of men's and women's underwear on sale. It all goes in a bag and get's dropped off at the local shelter.

    Just remember, every needs some 'HUGS' now and then to help them get through the day.

    This is cool, but as a homeless person, what we really, really need is socks. I can't tell you how many people I know of who have been wearing the same pair for months. Everyone thinks we need hats, but most of us need socks badly. Wool socks. Cause cotton makes your feet blister really badly when you walk as much as homeless people do.

    Not that these aren't appreciated. ^_^

    Wonderful project! I also crochet hats. Am putting a hat in each backpack for a school child in the fall. How do you distribute the hats to the homeless when you are finished?

    To sensoryhouse: It is a simple answer GREED as more and more jobs are leaving our country ther will be more needing our help. We in Michigan have been hit very hard. Whole families are out in the cold. low entry jobs for our young people to start out are gone. people have lost their pensions,in a middle class neighborhood it is nothing to see empty houses.peole in the construction and painting business have very little work. our heating bills are so high that people on fixed incomes are going to the mall and go home when the malls close so they only have to run their heat in the evening. This is sad.Their will always be a few that are homeless because of a dependency,WE in mi hAVE whole familes in need. Our middle class are out in the street.I am one of the lucky ones, I have plenty of family to help me. NOT every one is so lucky. So it is up to people like us not to judge but to knit like crazy to at least do some small thing to help.

    great instructable but why are their so many homeless people here, i cant walk a block without being hit up for change 3 or 4 times. from pioneer square to bell town and everywhere in between.

    Thats a great (and very comendable!) idea!!! Another usefull thing for people who are homeless would probably be nice warm winter wool socks. My mother is retired and loves to knit and is always looking for a new project... I think I'll suggest this! Montreal is bloody cold in the winter, people who are homeless have is rough here :( Pat

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    I help a lot of people to get started in charity knitting. It is a very worthwhile and therapeutic way to use ones time, especially retired people, but I also have lots of young folks contributing to this too. Your mother would feel good about this and there are lots of local organizations that would welcome her help.

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    Thanks. I had no idea what I was doing when I signed up for this. It was the result of a Yarn contest and since I happened to be involved with this homeless project, I thought what the heck. Sis