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Make your very own Haunted Altoids tin to scare unsuspecting smelly-breath friends. I think it's pretty funny to see an Altoids tin cruising around but it's even funnier to see someone get scared when they reach for an Altoid and the tin moves away from them. If you drive it slowly then it's almost like the tin is haunted and it's a bit creepy. 

Materials Needed: 
-an Altoids tin
-a marker
-needle nose pliers
-a small rc car and controller 

Step 1:

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Place the car inside the larger side of the Altoids tin and trace around it. Be sure to leave enough space around the car because it will need space for the wheels to turn.

Draw an "H" in the middle of the rectangle. This will help during cutting. 

Step 2:

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Now cut the metal along the "H" as well as the lines that go to the corners, the cut lines should look like the picture and like this:  ]-[ . 

The first cut is the most difficult. I was able to stab through the metal with the scissors but you could try using a nail or any other fancy tools you may have. After the initial cut , I was able to cut through the rest of the metal pretty easily with the scissors. 

You don't have to worry about the cuts looking too pretty since that part won't be seen too much and it still works just as well with scraggly looking edges. 

Step 3:

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Use the pliers to bend the flaps up so that they are inside the tin base. Don't bend them back too far because the car needs them to be walls to push against. 

Step 4:

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Now flip the tin over to see if any sharp edges need cleaning up. The goal is to have all the flaps and extra edges turned into the tin so that it can glide smoothly as it is driven by the car. Use the pliers to bend any extra parts under. 

Step 5:

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Place the car in the tin and close the lid. Now practice your Altoids tin driving skills so you can have the creepiest lurking tin around. 


rudy30 (author)2014-04-21

I'm gonna make it to prank people

FrozenIce (author)2011-11-26

wish i had that RC car.... :P wered u get it from bro?

aaronXtreme (author)FrozenIce2012-07-04

walmart or target

walmart, playa

sunshiine (author)2011-10-10

Clever! Thanks for sharing! Also thanks for supporting the weekly challenge with us! Do you plan on any more by any chance?

Thanks. Yes, I plan on entering one more before the deadline, really hoping for that 20 entry mark haha.

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