Haunted Facade





Introduction: Haunted Facade

Haunted Facade: Not as dificult as it looks, just time consuming.

Materials Needed:
     1. QTY 13 - 1/8” plywood
     2. Qty 10 - 2x4x12 studs
     3. Qty 12+- 2x4x8 studs
     4. Qty 6 - 1x2x8
     5. QTY 2 - 4x4 ½” foam insulation
     6. Battleship gray paint and black paint
     7. Jigsaw
     8. Circular saw
     9. Closet door glide
   10. Imagination

     Assembly is pretty straight forward from the images. 
I ran two cables from the frame to the inside of my garage to keep the unit from falling forward. The garage door was still able to function properly, without hurting the seal (too much).
I used the foam to make the attic window, the domed window and the shutters.
I cobbled up shelves for the props to rest on. (which added more stability against the wall)
I hung the closet door slide across the openings interior and used and old prop as a gate that opened from the center to both the left and right.
Getting the peak up, was the toughest part, it took two of us.

Rocking Chair
Tattered Curtains

Happy Building.



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    Thanks :)

    didn't know t was a house looked like some old smashed building

    Thanks for the comments guys, I'm taking it easy this year being on a Thursday and all. Next year should be a complete blowout.

    I once created a similar facade for my house to look like a castle wall and drawbridge. In place of the wood panels, I was able to use plastic sheeting with pre-printed block wall pattern (scene setters product) attached to the studs. I added painted styrofoam blocks at the top to make the turrets. This year I am building the Gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretal fairytale. Great job on your house and Instructable!

    I love it.would keep it up all year

    Amazing. Might try it this year :)

    I can appreciate all of the work that you put into this project. Nicely done!

    Thanks...I can't the number of times I've considered building your tumbler and/or your area 51 ships.

    holy cow - I hope that my husband never sees this post - I thought *we* were over the top! Nice work!